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Dec 31, 2005

Blogging about Boss

Aargh another one. A blogger in UK has been fired for calling his boss "evil" in his blog. So if you thought you were safe as long as you dont mention company's secrets, or said the company was wrong immoral and unethical and the next Enron, well think again. He didnt name the boss or the company, just dropped a hint about the company's name and mentioned, his Boss is evil, in his blog.

So here are some tips to help those who blog and work, and especially those who blog about work.

1.Your Boss will read it.
Thanks to office gossip, search engines and karma, your boss is bound, to read your blog. Especially if you write something bad about your Boss.
So write something good about your Boss. If you cant, be sarcastic, without giving the details. A blogger can get fired for calling his Boss "Evil" not for calling the Boss "Inspiring".
What matters is not what they know you think, but what the blog says.

And more importantly you have made it tough for the Company PRO to explain, they want to fire you for calling your Boss (sarcastically) Inspiring.

2.Write in codes.
And give the key to your readers after verifying their identity. (Dont be dumb enough to mention it your colleagues at work.)
Simple code, your Boss can be called the Alien from Saturn. (Dont use this name because your Boss could read this post too). And write a fictional series about the Alien from Saturn.
Now you have made it tougher for your company PRO to explain that they think your Boss is an Alien from Saturn.

3.Write in smart code.
Instead of words like stupid, irritating, dumb, hitler, idiotic,moron, use a single word "wonderful". And let your friends know when you say wonderful you dont mean wonderful.
Makes it tough for the company PRO to explain they are going to fire you for calling your Boss "wonderful". And earns you points with your Boss too. If you get tired of wonderful, include amazing,inspiring,fab,marvellous, brilliant, encouraging, cool.

4.Be careful about abusing another Blogger
You could end up abusing your Boss who is using an annon id. You might not get fired. But then you value your appraisal dont you.

5.What applies for your Boss applies for your colleagues too.
Who knows they could become your Boss oneday. So dont directly blog about them.

6.Never ever support action by other corporates against bloggers.
Say Freedom has Responsibilites too.
I know its sad, but then, they should have listened to wise donkey and read this post and followed the instructions.

7.Avoid talking about yourself.
Oh sorry was that a bucket of ice water on you?I know you want to desperately mention that you just won an Oscar (or its equivalent in your life).
The best way to deal with this would be to write two blogs ,one official and another unofficial.
In the official one write how life is wonderful and how you are wonderful to everyone. And how you are thankful to God your family, friends, colleagues, and Boss for something you have won or got.
In the unofficial, make it annon and refer frequently to your official blog. Point out the person mentioned in that is so amazing inspiring and caring and unreasonably modest. So your unofficial blog readers would know about the official you. And your official blog readers need not know about your dark side.

8.Its not just boss, it could be family too
Today it was a worker for calling his boss evil. Tommorrow it could be your spouse who could ask for a divorce because you said, my spouse is evil.
So apply the same rules as above for family.
Your Boss is the Alien from Saturn
Your Colleague1 is the Alien from asteroid 1
Your Spouse is the Alien from Mercury and so on.
The divorce case becomes tougher when you claim, you are just an aspiring sci-fi writer who thinks the aliens from mercury are evil.

9.What others blog about your Boss
Find out what others blog about your Boss through search engines or office gossip. And inspite of these extreme measures, if you get caught, mention to your Boss "I called you evil" But colleague ___ called you "extremely evil".
Atleast you will get the satisfaction of taking down someone else with you.

10.Encourage everyone you know to blog
If everyone blogged and if everyone wrote their Boss is evil, it would be tough for companies to fire and hire. It would become normal and ok. Even if some "evil" people would say its not ethical.

11.When your Boss asks you to blog.
Just because they want you to blog doesnt mean the company wants you to blabber.
Be formal and polite to everyone who comments. Even if you think they are a Pain.
This would just mean you will need to have three blogs.
A.The official company one.
Where you can safely say the weather is beautiful (unless you are in weather forecasting, then you could be fired for leaking secrets).
B.The official private one.
Where you can praise your Boss and thank God for giving you a challenging work environment and an adorable family.
C.The unoffial absoloutely annon one.
Where you can talk about the Aliens in the universe (here too no names or hints of the characters in your life) and the inspiring blog you came across (link to your official private blog.)

12.Blogging hours.
Your family might pout when you blog for hours.
Your company might not mind your blogs, but could be firm on not blogging during office hours.
Give the remote control to your kids and convince the spouse that you would mention him/her in the first page of your Sci-Fi Book. But for that you must blog everyday.
Tell your Boss you came across a research which mentions, "Blogging if done for 37 minutes during office hours, increases employee productivity and loyalty." Throw in couple of universities. Mention USA or Japan. And throw in the Koreans and Chinese. Who knows your Boss could believe you.

If you think you have to exercise caution about just your Boss,Company,Colleagues,Spouse, Family and friends,neighbours, you are wrong.

You have to watch what you write about your country too. Even if you are in USA. Well I think especially if you are in USA. If Bush popularity slips more due to Bloggers, and you arent his fan, who knows, the next war can be against you. You could be the new axis in Evil.

But even if you decide to disregard all the above, never ever write against the media.
They could organise stings when you decide to catch up with another blogger and call your meet a failure. Or ridicule you and your blogs, or worse the entire blogger community. (Hey why should I get a bad name for what you wrote).

And even if you decide to be brave about it, Never Ever write against the media in the blogsite of that media, especially in O...
(I meant Omega Galaxy blogsite, what did you think, I would say?)

Happy New Year:)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
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And now that I have I irritated most of the readers, a review of Wise Donkey. Not the life of Gayathri E, just the blog wise donkey. If you are my regular, you can pretend to have read it, continue the last minute egreetings and make plans for celebrating the new year.For the rest who have nothing else to do, or who have been punished by the HR who finally read my description but decided to cheat me of the consultation fees.
Here it comes.

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And then when I heard about TOI's lawsuit against a blogger. Back in o3, under the name Aargh to talk about it. And then wrote some entries, to bring back bloggers to that blogger, then decided to admit, who was Aargh. And then later turned Aargh into a fictional series.
The Aargh resembled the Wise Donkey(when incognito in o3) personna. Gender neutral and slightly brutal:D
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Btw it applies for New Year Wishes too:)

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My login didnt work. And is still not working. And the wisedonkey blog is stuck on the question on Rosa Parks .Well didnt give up after o3 admin acknowledged the problem and started a new blog wisedonkee.
Won a Ms.Cool award. Actually I expected to win the Shut the *** Award. Actually the winners of the STF award wasnt announced. Would have been ironical if I had won both. Felt guilty for not voting. Felt disappointed because I couldnt post my STF acceptance speech and make the other bloggers feel guilty (heh heh).

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O3 status. I have tried with 6 different logins, and with all of them unable to post in o3. The wisedonkee is again stuck with a Do U Know Question

And thats it ! Not that painful, see.

I honestly dont believe its possible for a single soul to have read the post, and the contents of every link. If there exists one, do let me know. And Thanks for reading, appreciate it:)

Will be going on another trip so perhaps wont be blogging for couple of months. Then there is another trip in March till May. So not sure how much I would be blogging in 2006.
Blogging had a big impact on me personally. That what happens when you call yourself a Stay at Home Blogger. I spent time and money (tel bills ) and energy over it. And managed to come up with remarkable excuses for burnt food.

This year's resolution is to blog less, lets see if I can keep it up:)


for those who have fallen asleep
Wake up Wake up

Dec 30, 2005

Pilgrim - A Temple for Them

Who would question him, if he returned to the Rule the Kingdom. After all, Bharat was pleading with him to come back. Yet he choose the Forest, even when he had the power to choose the kingdom. Power, the true test of character.

The Vanars vs the Rakshas. The might wasn’t with him. But that didn’t intimidate him. As Gandhi pointed out “What is the meaning of Rama, a mere human being, with his host of monkeys, pitting himself against the insolent strength of ten-headed Ravan surrounded in supposed safety by the raging waters on all sides of Lanka? Does it not mean the conquest of physical might by spiritual strength ?”

Vibhishan an enemy? Wouldn’t he be like his brother? Yet why trust him? Yet firmly deciding to Judge a person on the basis of character not the community

In the war before him stood Ravan. Weaponless. His actions hadnt been honourable. Then why not kill him, then. Why think the path is as important as the goal? Why tell Ravan, Go today, and Come back Tommorrow. (Cant match the eloquence in Tamil of Inru Poi, Nalai, vaa).

She choose the forests over Kingdom to be with him. Yet in the end when he called her back to the kingdom, She refused the kingdom and him.They loved each other. Neither remarried. Yet not everything the person you love does, needs to be right.

Did they lead a happy life? Did they lead a life of royalty. Hmmm life is not fair even to the Gods and Goddessess.

Were they right always? They werent. Were they Perfect, No they werent.

Yet there are things I could learn and follow from them. I do and will do. In levels which are so small and simple. And that’s my own tribute to them.

I don’t support the violence in their name. I don’t support the loss of innocent blood in their name. I don’t care if a temple wasn’t built in the disputed site, for them.

Because I have a temple for them in my hearts, and I worship them by what I do.

This is not to say, this is the best form of worship. This is not to say, others should follow it. I follow what I think I need to follow. The choice is there for everyone. Carry them in your conscience, or in an idol, or somewhere else. We all have the Choice. And thus the Power from it. And after all he did show, that Power is The True Test of Character.

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Dec 29, 2005

Me Myself & I - Thoughts on Terror Town

Couple of days back, my husband casually mentioned about a shootout in an area in another nearby city and that his colleagues had been in that area Before the shootout. Heart went into a panic mode. You will have to go there? Your colleagues will have to go again? Did we go there, when we went to that city? Thats another city which in my list has become unsafe. But then where are the safe places?

When I came back from a trip to Chennai, some months back, I was informed there had been a shootout in the supermarket I shop. What! Oh no! What if it had been me? Now there is a joke, that like lightning, perhaps there wont be an attack there again and that its one of the "safe" places to shop.
I went only once after this, and was pointed out the "landmarks" by friends. I didnt like it, and will go there only if I have to go. But that isnt the only landmark. There are other spots in the town too, which isnt easier on my mind. Dramatically I label the town I am living in, terror town and yearn to go back to "safe" Chennai.

Terror is not new to me. I was in Mumbai during the Blasts. And once there was a bomb explosion and my sibling had been in the earlier train. Until I got the call, went through hell. And perhaps from then on, everytime someone leaves the house without me, I wonder if they would return home "safely".

Terrorism has not changed the way I live, but certainly the way I think.

I dont do anything different. Because I think its pointless to do anything different. I used to think it would be wiser avoiding the markets on the weekend, but then we do what we have to do. Just try to be more careful. Hmmm what do I mean by more careful? Always on the lookout, hmmm but I cant see in all the directions at all the time.

So other than worrying and thinking about it, I dont do anything different. Though I do watch the news a lot and call my husband whenever "something" happens.

And insensitivevly I console myself, thankfully I am not in Iraq, where it seems more of a news when there isnt a bomb blast in a week.

Sure I am paranoid, and I also worry about road accidents. But somehow dying due to terrorism seems more terrible.

The post probably seems lame. Well I am never comfortable discussing how I feel. But I will try to come to my point.

I have written over 250 posts. And though terrorism is on my mind, most of the time, this is the first post that I am writing about terrorism.

Hunger, Health, Sanitation, Law these are more important. They claim more victims. Yet, why does Terror takes so much of headline space in media. Because the reader and those who can buy the products advertised in the media, can be victims of terror but not of hunger or health issues like maternal or neo natal mortality or tuberculosis? I dont know.

Then again why only one group of terror. Why the obsession with Al Qaeda and their LeT variants. Why not the Naxals? If there is an Naxal attack, sure there is an headline, but there isnt an outrage. Life is life, what is the difference. Or is it because Naxals dont attack in Mumbai Delhi Kolkatta Chennai and Bangalore? Another I dont know.

My heart goes out to the family of the victim. They are experiencing what I dread everyday of experiencing.

Terrorism is evil, no doubt, but its not the only evil.

And while we may not be able to bring him back, we can save someone perhaps if we click on Where they say 7000 Indians die everyday from hunger and a click from you , could help.

PS : If I had been born a muslim, would I away get away with 250 posts with not even one condemning Terrorism? I wonder.

Blog Post no. 252
Me Myself and I series

Dec 27, 2005

Do U Know - P.Amudha and Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Rural Sanitation in Tamilnadu

The partnership between UNICEF and the State Government resulted in the rural sanitation coverage in Tamil Nadu going up to 40 % in 2004 from 15 % in 2001.
(Yes this means only 15% of the Tamilnadu rural population had access to a toilet in 2001).

The Government of Tamil Nadu honoured UNICEF Project Officer P.Amudha (in Unicef from Indian Administrative Service) with a Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Rural Sanitation in the state.

Source : Unicef

Tamilnadu is considered perhaps one of the better developed states, yet if 60% of its rural population dont have access to a toilet? Then what is development?

And what do we require for change? Sincere Administration, More Money, Political Will, Involvement of the common person, Better coverage from Media. I am not sure if I know the answers.

But when I come across the figures, (while searching for my weekly Do U Know), I mostly end up in despair, and wonder if anything can be really done.

Well seems positive change and development, is not just a dream, it can be a reality too.

29th December
Akruti Navin Curious The Bard Prasad jAdE Priya got it right:)
godolphin got it right (but the answer disappeared. sorry godo no idea why) and vaibhav also got it right (because others got it right:D)

Read Previous Do U Knows

28th December. Happy Birthday Prasad Hope you have a wonderful day:)

Search Engines allowed. Answer on Thursday

Dec 24, 2005

Not Psycho a Psychologist

Read this before you decide to study psychology. (Well read this even if you dont want to study psychology. For all you know, your child or grandchild might want to study psychology.)

1.No, you can't be a doctor and more importantly called a doctor. Psychiatry is not the same as Psychology.
(Unless you study a lot and get that Ph D or something like that to be called a doctor. Easier to become a politician and get a Hon.Degree.)

2.If you are a poor speller, this could be stressful for you. After writing Psychology everytime, you will have to wonder, now did I spell it right?

3.Friends and family will talk little to you, or be very wary of you. Some might close their eyes, while talking to you, thinking, that, would prevent you, from hypnotising them.

4.If you ever get anything you want, everyone would believe you got it because you manipulated everyone.

5.You will be easily labelled cunning, oversmart, bombastic, manipulative, creepy and cold hearted.

6.Everyone assumes, you use everything they say for research. So they will keep saying things, that they think, will be useful to your research.

7.Everyone would think, you are crazy and studying psychology to find a cure for yourself. (But, they wouldn't think you are visually challenged if you choose to become an ophthalmologist (hmmm, this too is not good for those bad in spelling))

8.People would call you a Psycho.

9.People don't want you to understand them, Understand this. And telling someone that they should consult a professional, they might be schizophrenic is not the same as telling someone, get your blood pressure checked or go for an ultrasound scan.

10.Everyone likes to think they are good at psychology and you better nod when they say, "now a fish doesnt need a degree to swim."

Well if you don't mind these, then wonderful! (uh are you an alien?) Here is excellent information if you want to become a psychologist (You would be amazed at the avenues).

Well unfortunately since I didn't think of this post earlier this year, I am a student of Psychology.
And I solemnly declare that I do not use my blogs or blog comments for my research or anything, remotely connected with Psychology.

And I am not a serial killer, trying to find out why I strangled 5343234 people.

And the 5343234 is just a random number not a secret number to hypnotise you.

Dec 22, 2005

Kidding - Why cant I become a homemaker?

Dear Diary

I got excited when Uncle asked me what I wanted to become.
I decided to come out with my secret.
Taking a deep breath, I said "I want to become a homemaker".
And everyone gasped.

Uncle thought I was joking and being rude to him.
Aunty questioned my mother on my ranks and was more shocked to realise I was a topper.
"What a waste of education", said my aunty.
Now if I studied to become an engineer and decided later to become a film star or politician, I am sure she wouldnt have said that.
"Well I will study BSc Home Science" I replied.
Uncle laughed and said "And sit at home and watch TV".
Yeah just like you sit at office and watch net porn I wanted to ask, but of course I didn't say.
"And who will marry you" asked my uncle?

My sister came to my rescue and said she wanted to become a doctor. A diabetologist. (Required before almost every surgery in India).
Everyone made approving noises.
And I left the room.

Later my sister came into my room.
I was tense. Even though I was aware that the idea wouldn't be welcomed. I had hoped for a word of support from my Mom. But she just looked dismayed.
I want to be a homemaker, because I genuinely believe I can be good at it.
And perhaps as my own tribute to Mom. And yet..

"You know the GDP of the nation comes down when the housekeeper becomes a homemaker" my sister joked, trying to break the ice.
"And why cant they assign a value to the tasks?" I retorted angrily.
"Well its done out of love.." She said hesitantly.
"I am sure Sachin, Shahrukh etc would love their job. But that doesn't diminish the value does it.? Being a homemaker can be valued and even though it need not be paid." I said angrily.
She seemed to be losing her cool as she said,"Well.. you know with appliances and hired help.. the job is easier nowadays"
"In a corporate structure one doesn't go to the Board of Directors and say, hey your company has a sales force, and everything is mechanised. Your job is of no value." I retorted angrily.

"But why do you want to become a homemaker of all things" she asked.

Even though I was upset, I couldnt help laughing.
"If Mom had been a politician or star or doctor, and if I decided to follow her, you wouldn't have asked would you? She did a lot for the family, even before we were born. I just appreciate it and think I would be good at it."

"Well then why don't you think about a career in interior design.."she started.
"What! You think thats what mother did?" I was frustrated.
She looked away and seemed to struggle with the thought of asking and then asked "Are you gay?"
I stared stunned.
I wanted to be hysteric, but then perhaps they would fix an appointment with a therapist (perhaps they have already done it).
So calmly I said "no".

"Well who will marry you? And in marriage do you think you will have respect?"
"Well just because I dont earn, doesnt mean I won't be working. And anyway, isnt it pointless to marry someone who marries you just for the sake of your career. What if I get laid off or later meet with an accident, and become unfit to earn. Would that mean the end of marriage?"

She frowned, and perhaps got frustrated.
And she got up and left with, "Well I think its just another form of rebellion and you will change your mind later. Trust me, if you dont, then life is going to be very tough for you."

I shrugged and said ok.

To be honest I am anxious. If I dont have support from my family, then how can I expect society to understand me.
But then, when the women started earning first, things wouldnt have been easy for them too. So why give up the idea so soon..

A 15 year old boy.

DO READ THIS ON Genuine Progress Indicator

Kidding is a fictional series. Read previous Kidding entries Post no.249

Dec 20, 2005

Do U Know - Indian Children and Education

According to a well known NGO, 50% of Indian children aged 6-18 do not go to school.
CRY based on 7th All India Education Survey, 2002.
Ramses, Akruti, Curious, The Bard, Vaibhav, Prasad, Navin, Priya got it right
BangaloreGuy got close to it.

More information on Children and Education from the same source.
•In India, only 53% of habitation has a primary school
•In India, only 20% of habitation has a secondary school
•On an average an upper primary school is 3 km away in 22% of areas under habitations.
•In nearly 60% of schools, there are less than two teachers to teach Classes I to V
•On an average, there are less than three teachers per primary school. They have to manageclasses from I to V every day
•High cost of private education and need to work to support their families and little interest instudies are the reasons given by 3 in every four drop-outs as the reason they leave
•Dropout rates increase alarmingly in class III to V, its 50% for boys, 58% for girls
•1 in 40, primary school in India is conducted in open spaces or tents
•More than 50 per cent of girls fail to enroll in school; those that do are likely to drop out bythe age of 12.

Can we become a developed nation if this situation continues?

This information is for those who would like to support CRY. I dont benefit, if you choose to support it. And this is just information, not even a suggestion. CRY donations start with Rs.100. To support a child's education for a year, its Rs.800. For more on online and offline donation, and for other non-monetary ways to support CRY, please visit

Previous Do U Knows
Blog Post no. 248

Dec 19, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Saurav is Safer

Went to the pantry to grab my coffee. (Aah the coffee break on a Monday morning..) And came across 2 of my colleagues arguing.

C1 : "But what about the past? He has done so much. One cant dump him, just because he isnt useful now"

C2 : "Its not dumping. Its just relocating."

C1 : "This is just not Indian culture"

C2 : "Define Indian Culture. And even if its Indian culture, who says everyone should follow it"

C1 : "And what about his hurt. So callous. Its just politics when someone new enters"

C2 : "This has nothing to do with it. Its just a coincidence thats all"

Unable to restrain myself, say, "You know whats amazing C2 you are from Bengal and C1 you from Maharashtra and still you say these things about Saurav.

C1 and C2 stare at me and C1 says coldly "We werent talking about Saurav Ganguly. This is about my father and his new Home."

AAAargh so some people dont talk about Saurav!!

Couldnt resist adding "Indian culture is about taking care of the boy's parents only?"

Now C1 is angry with me for making him feel, he should think about his wife's parents too. And C2 is angry with me for questioning Indian Culture.

Wish people would just talk about Saurav Ganguly. Life would be lot easier for me.

PS : Oh for the folks who are wondering about the title, well if I wrote what I felt about Female Foeticide and what about wives who dont take care of their parents, or asked if the wife is a homemaker, would the husband think its his duty to take care of the wives parents emotionally and financially, would anyone read? Its safer to write about Saurav, if one wants people to read their blogs.
After all Baghban wouldnt have been a hit, if Amitabh had 4 daughters instead of 4 sons.
Aargh Diaries is a fictional series, and Wise Donkey is NOT Aargh. Read Previous in Aargh Diaries Series

Dec 13, 2005

Do U Know - India Drunken Driving BAC Legal Limit and Punishment

In India while driving a motor vehicle,if a person, has in his/her blood alcohol exceeding 30mg per 100 ml of blood detected in a test by a breath analyser, That person shall be punishable for the first offence with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both; and for a second or subsequent offence, if committed within three years of the commission of the previous similar offence, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees, or with both.


Curious got it right

Spark Sunny Navin jADE Pramod Konfusd Priya and @$#!$# got it partly right
Earlier Do U Knows

Dec 11, 2005

Good news in Women's Cricket and Golf and another Ganguly

So whats been happening with Indians in the International Sporting Events the last 15 days?
Well you would know about Men's Cricket in India, Sania and Narain. How about some other news?

Indian captain Mithali Raj lead the team to an impressive 4 - 1 win in the One Day Series against England in India.
Karuna Jain for 169 runs and Jhulan Goswami for 11 wickets shared the trophy for Eve of the Tournament.
The 3rd match in Guwahati was watched by 20000 persons while the 4th match in Silchar was also watched by nearly 20000 people
First ODI England won

Second ODI India won
Third ODI India won

Fourth ODI India won

Fifth ODI India won

Shiv Kapur won the Volvo Masters of Asia in Bangkok

Earlier in the UBS HongKong Open Golf Tournament Jeev Milkha Singh hung in for a top-20 finish, the best result among the Indians in difficult conditions.Jeev carded a one-over 73 on the final day to finish tied 18th but it was Gaurav Ghei (72) who was the only Indian to improve upon his previous day's position, moving from 32nd to 26th. Shiv Kapur (73), playing with Ghei, ended 30th.

World Chess Cup Khanty Mansiysk, near Moscow, 27th Nov - 17th Dec.
3 Indians participated in World Chess Cup
Grandmaster and former World Junior Champion Pentala Harikrishna's was defeated in the tie-break of Round three against mighty Russian Grandmaster Alexey Dreev in Khanty-Mansyisk K Sasikiran and National Champion Surya Shekhar Ganguly squandered advantageous positions to perish in their round two tie-breakers. Yes this was the other Ganguly I mentioned in the title.

Karan Rastogi will be going to Rotterdam for the qualifying rounds of the ABN Amro Championships next year.

updated Badminton
India's Chetan Anand won the Welsh Open on December 4th 2005 beating England's Rajiv Ouseph 15-6 15-11

Hockey Men
Sahara Champions Trophy in Chennai from 10th -18th December 2005. India lost the first match to reigning champions Spain but won the second match against Pakistan.
Team and Schedule

Captain update

Revised Schedule

India lost the opener against Spain

India won a thrilling match against Pakistan

Football Men
South Asia Football Federation Championship (SAFF Cup) in Karachi from 7th - 17th December. India has entered the semi finals by beating Nepal and Bhutan
Team and schedule

first match India win against Nepal

second match India win against Bhutan

Reid and Taylor Bombay Gymkhana Instant snooker tournament, to be held in Mumbai from December 13-17.

So thats the news this fortnight. And you thought Sachin was the only news:)

Pilgrim - When Heaven not the Goal

There are probably millions of things about being a Hindu. I choose this as an one point reference. I use the word choose,because I do think every religion has it points, and we do decide what we should follow or not follow.

"Mahapurna advised Ramanujacarya to go to the great Goshtipurna and accept initiation in the Vaisnava mantra from him.

At the behest of Mahapurna, Ramanuja approached Goshtipurna for the mantra, but was refused, for Goshtipurna was reluctant to give such a confidential mantra to a relative newcomer. Ramanujacarya approached Goshtipurna 18 times with great humility, finally breaking into tears and pleading for his mercy. At last Goshtipurna gave him the mantra, after first swearing him to absolute secrecy. When Ramanuja had vowed never to repeat the mantra to anyone else, Goshtipurna whispered the mantra in his ear saying, “This mantra is most powerful. Whoever chants it will attain liberation; he will return to the spiritual Vaikuntha planets where he will achieve the personal service of the Lord.”

As he left the temple and proceeded towards Sri Rangam, a crowd gathered around Ramanujacarya. They had heard that he was to receive the mantra from Goshtipurna, and begged to know its secret. Inspired to distribute the magic of the mantra that could free anyone who chants it from material existence, Ramanuja announced to the crowd: “Please chant this mantra: Om namo narayanaya.”

The crowd was overjoyed, and felt that they had been truly blessed, but when the news reached Goshtipurna, he called for Ramanuja. Outraged that his new disciple would disobey his order so quickly, he demanded an explanation. “I told you to keep this mantra a secret. Why have you so quickly revealed it to the masses? Do you know the penalty for such behavior?”

Ramanuja replied, “Yes, gurudeva, I may go to hell for disobeying your order.“

“Then why have you done such a thing?”

“ My beloved teacher, I realized that the power of the mantra given by you could deliver everyone who hears it. When I saw the earnest desire of these people to be saved from material life, I could not contain myself. I felt some divine inspiration to distribute your mercy to all of them. If this is a great sin, then I must be punished by your holiness. Condemn me to hell, then, if my sin warrants it. But please do not show your wrath to these simple people who begged me for the mantra.” "

What this means to me :
The two main principles for me
1.Rather than worry about what I should do to go to heaven, think on what I can do now, to make life better for those around.
2.Accepting responsibility for one's Action : He didnt say, forgive me. But said I am prepared to go to hell.

And bear in mind
Ramanuja didnt go around with a sword saying, say "Om Namo Narayana" or else...
Nor did he say, those who dont chant "Om Namo Narayana" will go to hell.

This has nothing to do with superiority of one path over other. But with thinking, God has created me, God has also created others. I am closer to God, when I come closer to God's other creations.
Pilgrim series

Dec 10, 2005

How stupid can the Wise Donkey get

Muse : How stupid can you get?

Self (Wise Donkey) : What do you mean Muse?

Muse : You see a program on women and Indian sports, instead of watching further and moaning with the anchor, after 10 minutes of the program think, let me start a blog on it. Awareness is the first step and let me do what I can not just for Women Sports but also for all sports not highlighted by main stream media . And you started a blog on Indian Sports minus Men's cricket, Sania and Narain in FYI and SportsFYI on November 28th 2005.

Self : Well yeah...

Muse : Then you expect Women's cricket matches held in India would have if not live, atleast hourly reports. on 4th December 2005.

Self : True but when BBC could cover it when its held in India, surely Indians would cover it. After all Indian did reach the World Cup Finals.

Muse : Forget it and then you expected Indian mainstream internet media to report these matches. You expected to find the coverage under cricket, but in some cases , searched hopefully in Other Sports and even miscel. on 5th December 2005.

Self : International Sport. In India. That too Cricket. Too much to ask for a match report? And 20000 people saw it in Guwahati and nearly 20000 in Silchar.

Muse : So what.Then you expected that even if they dont report these matches ATLEAST they would acknowledge that women's international cricket is international cricket and mention in their events calender when they have a International Cricket section. Ha how stupid to think people will understand basic grammar on 5th December 2005

Self : If they think no one is going to read this, so no need to report fine. But atleast acknowledge it exists.

Muse : And Today. You expected that if a website reported one match it would report the next match (Oh should I say again How Stupid! ) But then you were sane enough to not write a blog mentioning who reported the 4th match and not the 5th match..
And Finally you expected that there would be consistent reports. Ha how stupid.

For the 5th One Day International between England and India in India, The BBC and Cricinfo says England won the toss, Rediff UNI says India won the toss. Rediff Uni says Karuna Jain for 169 runs and Jhulan Goswami for 11 wickets shared the trophy for Eve of the Tournament. Cricinfo says Jhulan Goswami got the Player of the Series.In Hindu Amitabha Das Sharma says Karuna got the received the `player of the tournament' jointly with Jhulan. You cross check reports to give a broader picture. Now do you have to go through every report to get the actual picture? Or will you get the correct picture even then. Oh how stupid to expect the correct consistent reports from media majors.

But then who cares for Indian Sports minus men's cricket, Sania and Narain? Why do you spend money and time everyday reporting on these things, Why do you think of doing a weekly round up of these things. Why do you get still hurt, upset and cry.
No comments No reads. Why do you still care, How Stupid Can you get.

Self : Muse. Even I dont know how much less I should expect, And I dont know How Stupid I can get.

Dec 6, 2005

Do U Know - India Unsafe Injections Percentage

According to WHO, 63 per cent of injections in India are unsafe. Of this, nearly one third carry a risk of transmitting blood-borne viruses.

While 68.7% of injections at government health facilities were found to be unsafe, 59.9% were unsafe in private clinics and hospitals

An injection is classified as unsafe if it has the potential to transmit blood-borne viruses and/or is wrongly administered such that it can cause local infection and/or a reaction.

Other findings:

  • The rural sector accounted for a higher percentage of unsafe injections -- 65.9% -- compared to urban areas where the proportion was 54.9%.
  • Injection safety is higher with plastic syringes -- the odds of an injection being unsafe are 12 times higher with a glass syringe.
  • Written guidelines for sterilisation are available at only 10.1% of all health facilities in the country.
  • Over half the doctors and those who prescribe injections do not know the correct sterilisation process.
  • Only 84.2% of government health facilities have sterilisation equipment.
  • Only 76.9% immunisation centres and 57.7% of private clinics use sterilisation equipment.
  • Over three-fourths or 75.9% of the available sterilisation equipment is functional.

konfusd Busybee Eddie and Peshwa got it right.

Max and Amita came close to it.

Source1 Source2
Answer on Thursday . Search Engines allowed.
Do U Knows

Dec 5, 2005

Can We Do It.

If you think the term "International Cricket" would ALSO includes International Men's and Women's Cricket, read further. The next One Day International between India and England is on 7th December 2005. The last match would be on 9th December 2005.

In its Sports Page
NDTV has an Events Calender. For 7th December 2005, now it reads

International Cricket 7 December 2005 No match found for requested date

Soccer 7 December 2005 No match found for requested date

Tennis 7 December 2005 No match found for requested date

Motorsports 7 December 2005 No match found for requested date

Golf 7 December 2005 USPGA Tommy Bahama Challenge Grayhawk GC, Scottsdale, Arizona

Hockey 7 December 2005

Dec 7 Fourth ODI, Silchar is an International Cricket Event, technically.

For those who didnt know, The 3rd One Dayer was watched by 20000 people in Guwahati.The Indians reached the finals of the World Cup.And in today's NDTV's sports news there isnt even a mention that India won yesterday's one dayer.

Yet, NDTV did a wonderful program on Women and Sports some days back, hosted by Burkha Dutt, which also included few women cricketers.

NDTV has a feedback section
How much time will it take for you to write.

Please include the India vs England Women's One Day International series in your events calendar International Cricket section.Dec 7 Fourth ODI, SilcharDec 9 Fifth ODI, Calcutta
They play cricket and its an international match

IF thats not possible, please change the "International Cricket" category to "International Men's Cricket"
or in the message instead of "No match found for requested date " please make it "No match that we know of, found for requested date"Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Of course you dont have to write the same thing. And actually you dont have to write it , if you dont believe in it:) But of course I am hoping you will.

Those of you who have subscribed to my Messagebot email list, will be receiving emails regarding this. Its the First time I am sending an email through it.

This is not to ask for more coverage from NDTV of women's cricket. If it chooses to not report about an India's win in an International Match in Indian soil watched by 20000 people at the stadium, its its Choice. But surely it has to acknowledge that Women's International Cricket comes under the category of International Cricket?

We are NOT requesting for Coverage, just Acknowledgement. Is that too much?
Those of you who have subscribed to my Messagebot email list, will be receiving emails regarding this. Its the First time I am sending an email through it.

Dec 4, 2005

Thankfully its England and Thankfully there is BBC

Its an One Day International in India yet its not in the cricket news, its not in the other sports news either. You guessed it, thats because its women's cricket.

For those of you who are unaware, enraged by a program on lack of coverage (And when Burkha Dutt from NDTV doesnt know, how can we expect others to know, I started a blog on Indian Sports minus Men's cricket and Sania in O3 and in Blogger.)
And its a tough job since other than Men's Cricket, I dont watch much except the Tennis Grand Slams, the Football World cup and if possible Skating. Well I didnt think of that as a handicap, at that time, after all, there are plenty of stuff that I write based on Search Engines:)
All I wanted was to give links to articles which give details on International Events with Indian participation.

And now back to today's problem.
I knew a cricket match was scheduled between India and England in Guwahati Today. For the earlier matches I had used the BBC link, but perhaps now I should try some Indian Websites

So I start on what I think would be an easy journery.All I want to know is the who won the toss, the teams names. So here is a list of sports headlines from various Sources

Let me start with Espnstar website : Their fixtures doesnt mention this series, .But then I didnt check this first I went to news and well nothing there.So let me search for women cricket. Aargh says Searched for women cricket Sorry no Results Found.

Lets move to Rediff the sports page doesnt mention. And its not in Today in Sports. The Cricket page no luck. And its not in cricket news Perhaps I should try their search engine and search witin rediff. It gives 2002 , oh let me forget it, if its not in the first page

Oh how about Sify. Its not in the sports page Its not in the cricket page .And to be on the safe side checked the other sports page too No luck.

Well how about Indiatimes (I love their Men's cricket live commentary) again nothing

Oh I forgot Yahoo cricket Nothing

So let me try MSN Nothing

Indian Express has a seperate section for cricket and yet has nothing

How could I forget NDTV. Surely now that Burkha knows, she would follow the matches. Its not mentioned in their cricket page and its not in the main sports page Oh great. But surely its hidden somewhere. Let me try the NDTV Sports Today feature.

International Cricket
4 December 2005

No match found for requested date

So after trying to browse through these pages for more than 2 hours (there are still some mortals who dont have broadband and have to use a dial up through an intercom with a “rain affected” telephone line”. I go back to BBC. Click on cricket Link. Then click on Women's cricket Come to

Aah Thankfully its an England Match and Thankfully we still have BBC.

Now for the Wise Donkey Women's Cricket News Challenge

Find a LIVE SCORE reporting on the One Day series between India and England which is being held in India by an Indian website.

PS : India beat England by 8 wickets


Seems 20000 people came to watch, not bad !!

After the Win Mentions
front page, after we scroll down a bit, a link in the sports section. (From PTI )

Indian Express Cricket section in have an article (From PTI )

Indiatimes cricket have an article (From PTI )

Yahoo cricket page have an article

Those who didnt make the mention no mention in sports No mention in cricket section No mention in other Sport section too no mention in Cricket section No mention in more sports section no mention in Sports section no mention in no mention in main news, cricket news or more cricket news

BBC was the only one from the mainstream web media, which followed the match while it was happening.
If BBC could cover from England, surely we can cover from India, when its held in India!

Dec 3, 2005

The Leo Quiz

You scored as Leo. Majestic, Loyal, Generous, Fun Loving Lion you are! Roar out with Pride to the world you are a LEO



NOT a leo


created with

And if you want to take the quiz, check out who created the quiz:)

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

And while at it another quiz on You and your Boss :D

You scored as Hate your Boss. You HATE your Boss and hopefully your Boss is not reading this. Cheer up, there are many like you.And remember Boss is always Right
Hate your Boss


You think your Boss is Wonderful

You and Your Bosscreated with

Dec 1, 2005

Some Minute

His eyes searches vainly for his mother.
The boy is too young to comprehend her death
And he is too young to die too.

He thinks he is alone.
But he isnt.
He is one among the estimated 600000 children who become infected with HIV EACH year.
And he is one among the 90%, born to a mother infected with the Virus.
Yet he need not have been infected.

The UNICEF estimates that the
number of children who become HIV positive every year could be MORE THAN HALVED if pregnant women living with HIV received comprehensive services including anti-retroviral drugs,
But then only 10% of the women who need these, are getting them,
And his mother wasnt in that 10%.

And he isnt in the fewer than 5 per cent of HIV-positive children who receivetreatment
He is one among the millions of children who have lost parents to the disease and go without support.

So now alone after birth
He wont be alone at death.
His life defined by statistics of minute.

A child dies of an AIDS-related illness
A child becomes infected with HIV

So Some "minute" he will die,
but then, the next minute, another too will die.
Another World AIDS Day
Another day of promises, speeches and pledges
But will the one this year make a difference for him
Will the one this year help another mother, and another child?
Or will they just be a part of another statistic.

And did this take a minute to read?
And already another child dead
And another infected.

Alone and uncared in life,
Together with other uncared in death.

His mother wanted to save him, but was helpless
We arent, are we?

Around 1 per cent of pregnant women are HIV-positive;
95 per cent live in developing countries, along with 90 per cent of all HIV-positive children.
If an HIV-positive woman becomes pregnant, there is a 35 per cent chance that she will transmit the virus to her child if no preventative action is taken.

Every year, more than 700,000 children become HIV-positive via transmission from their parents.
Some 15-20 per cent are infected during pregnancy, 50 per cent during delivery and 33 per cent through breastfeeding.

Pregnant women who are HIV-positive can halve the chances of passing HIV on to their babies by taking antiretroviral drugs. Treatment options include a one-month course of zidovudine (AZT) during the last weeks of pregnancy, or a single dose of nevirapine during delivery, followed by a single dose to the infant within 72 hours of birth. The single dose and follow-up can be administered for as little as $10. Obstetrical procedures such as a Caesarean section may also reduce transmission but is often not feasible in many developing countries.

For HIV-positive mothers with limited access to clean water and sanitation, the choice of whether to breastfeed or not can be a painful dilemma. New mothers must weigh the risk of passing on the infection to their infants against the risk of denying them breastmilk. During the first two months, a bottle-fed baby is nearly six times more likely to die from diarrhoeal, respiratory or other infections, compared to a breastfed child, mostly because contaminated water is used in mixing the formula, bottles are unclean and other reasons. Strategies for decreasing the risk of HIV infection include shortening the duration of breastfeeding and preventing and promptly treating breast problems, along with sores or thrush in an infant’s mouth. Reducing the length of breastfeeding from two years to six months alone can reduce the risk of transmission by two thirds. Source

An Example of how Mother to Child Transmission has been prevented in India. Do read it.

Another on AIDS : Right to Life for the Wife

Post Number 224

Nov 29, 2005

Do U Know - Delhi Water Usage

According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the average water requirement of a Delhi citizen is 160 litres per capita daily (lpcd).

Delhi, as a city, ranks highest in per capita availability of water -- about 280-300 lpcd. But the distribution of this water is extremely inequitable.

On an average, each room in a five-star hotel consumes 1600 litres of water every day.
Konfusd and Ramses got it right.

Delhi, as a city, ranks highest in per capita availability of water -- about 280-300 lpcd.
The Planning Commission has estimated the average requirement for different income groups130 lpcd for lower-income groups, 150 lpcd for middle-income groups, and 200 lpcd for higher-income groups. The average comes to 160 lpcd.

The prime minister’s house at 1 Race Course Road accounts for around 73,300 litres of water per day,
and the presidential residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan, consumes about 67,000 litres per day. Similarly, ministers’ residences consume 30,000-45,000 litres per day.VIP residences consume over 30,000 litres per day.

But 78% of Delhi’s citizens, who live in sub-standard settlements, struggle to collect or buy 30-90 litres per capita per day

The source and for more information

Search Engines allowed Answer on Thursday .
More Do U Knows

Reach for the Remote

I reach for the remote when I see on TV

1.Uma Bharati.
Now she is in, now she is out. Its pointless for me to keep score.

2.Mahesh Bhatt on some panel
I know what he is going to say.

3.A star talking about the "difference" in the latest movie
Oh yeah, so instead of songs in New Zealand its Greece

I can watch after 2 years and still will know the story, why waste time watching it now.

Raymond and few others are fun. The rest are either stupid, sleazy or shrill.

6.Cookery Shows
Some recipes should come with the warning : This is being done by professionals, dont try this at home.
And since I never know which ones are supposed to have the warning, avoid them.

7.Countdown Shows
I used to watch them loooong ago, but then now think its pointless, and why get worked up over your favourite being at number two, when two years from now, you wouldnt remember it.

8.Party coverage
Not political party, the social kind. Huh invariably all are going to say "I am having a great time". And my idea of great time is not watching someone say "Having a great time" 50 times a week.

9.Weird "Godmen" news
A new one every month.

10.Stammering VJs or Stuttering and Smug News Anchors or Shrill Reporters
I just cant stand it. I can atleast understand VJs who just stand around talking stupid stuff and trying to act cool and cute, but why do TV Anchors go.. huh, wittth etc. And its so irritating when they put on a smug face when talking about others. OK the reporters have, distracting sounds, but even when they dont have to, they tend to be shrill (even NDTV) and I want to say, calm down, calm down to them.

Oh plz

No thank you I dont want to become taller, lose weight painlessly and quickly, whiten my tooth or solve all my problems through a machine.

The result, I end up watching the weather reports.

So when do you reach for the remote?

Nov 28, 2005

Puma huh

Got this from

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

  • Reserved : Well yeah right
  • overly-critical : Aargh, thats true
  • sometimes a bit on the cranky side : Absolutely
  • you know where your place is : Yeah, but it doesnt help when you are a Leo and tend to think the world revolves around you.
  • dont bother impressing people : Simply because being true to yourself and being sincere scores :)
  • you have few friends : Very true
  • but lot or respect from others as well : Dont know, but better be true:D
  • people see you as mysterious : No disagree
  • because you dont enjoy opening up to others : I dont open up to others, because others wont enjoy it, and I care for humanity..

But still not bad test I guess

Asked hubby to take the test, he is a bear:)
Asked him to guess which one I would be, and he got it right immediately.
Seems the reserved and cranky, were big clues along with mysterious(!).

The Options are : Badger, Horse, Wolf, Bear, Coguar(Puma), Otter, Crow