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Oct 24, 2005

Onions it will be, this Diwali

Dont know what to buy for others this Diwali
Thoroughly confused and lost at sea?

Onions! Onions! it will be, this Diwali
Oh you dare even now to disagree?

Sweets give diabetes and increase your weight
Onions don't do that, dont you know that mate

Gold is expensive and make bank balance pensive
Onions thankfully are still not so expensive

Perfumes smell good but could be expensive & tough to choose
Onions dont smell good, but less expensive & easy to choose

Two Lives may be good for bookworms
Onions are eaten even by non-bookworms and bookworms

For those who want to send gifts from abroad to wow
We get the phoren stuff in malls,Onions are the coolest imports now.

Clothes might be cool, if you know the perfect size and preferred color
But with onions you dont have to worry about sizes or color

Gals tired of thinking not too many gifts for guys
Way to heart is through stomach, onions the best buy

Well there you are, its going to be satisfaction guarantee
Go ahead on your onion buying spree

Gift onions to a Bollywood Celebrity
And you would be "Breaking News" on TV


  1. Thnaks for the wonderful suggestion. Sri and me were breaking our heads on what to send our parents ;-) :-D.

  2. ain;t that one of the best gift ideas i've heard for this diwali.....

    thanks WD, what would we do without you? :-))


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