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Oct 15, 2005

Aargh Diaries - Thank you Saurav

Uh Oh I have to go to Boss Cabin

Boss (comes straight to the point)Do you blog?
Aargh : Yes (aaargh should have said no.)But only during...
Boss : Well its better than watching porn at work
Aargh sighs of relief and puts on stupid grin

Boss continuing : And many corporations in the west are encouraging their workers to blog. Its a good destressing tool too.

Aargh continues stupid grin
Boss : Of course, its not wise to talk about the company, and its implied that its better to not go against the company's stand.

Aargh nods heavily

Boss : So what do you blog about, yourself, your family??

Aargh : Welll its boring to blog about me and my family values its privacy

Boss furrows eyebrows : You blog about issues?

Aargh : No no if I did, people wont read my blogs. True I could win Best Blog on Social Issues (due to lack of heavy competition) but its not worth it

Boss : Politics and corruption?
Aargh : Uh no, if I get into specifics in politics, goons might knock on my door and break my bones

Boss : But I thought you were opinionated..

Aargh nods automatically and then realises the trap and takes off the stupid grin.

Sweetly Boss continues : One has to be careful what one blogs about these days otherwise one can be sued. One should be careful when writing about mediah or institutions. Of course its not as bad as being jailed like Mojtaba SamieNejad

Aargh : Well I agree that if someone wrote slanderous about me, I wouldnt be pleased and be tempted to sue. Hey thats a democratic thing to do. After all, I am not sending goons or giving a supari. But its always a bit tough to understand the law.

I tried to understand the law through films (just like I try to understand about sex and the opposite sex through them) but no one cares if they misrepresent the law in the films. But people care if they misrepresent an institution or a person. They care if people misrepresent a perception, leave alone a fact.

I dont earn enough (cue for Boss to pick up phone) to hire a lawyer to go through my blog posts before publishing it. And even if I do,
And what is legally right? I mean a Supreme Court judge can disagree with a High Court judge. So if a High Court judge cant understand the law, how can I or my lawyer understand the law. And if I dont understand the law, how can I make sure that I dont break the law?

Boss has finished talking on the phone. : Hmmm what were you saying.. well never mind. IBM could be understanding and supportive. But I dont like the idea of you blogging about something, and our clients burning *********(hey Boss cant say I divulge corporate details).

Aargh : Well trust me I wouldnt risk that. (though no one would be idiotic enough to burn *****)

Boss : But you admitted you are opinionated. So do you write about religion?

Aargh : No. I am aware there is a law on that. And if I try to be popular, I will go against it. And if I try to have a practical perspective, no one will read it.

Boss : So what do you write about?

Aargh : Saurav Ganguly

Boss in suprise : Saurav Ganguly !

Aargh : Yes he is the only guy I can write anything about and not worry about being sued. In fact nothing I write can be offensive to him, since something worse would have been written by the media or the coach. Bloggers never get tired of the topic. And so I can be popular and feel good and destressed and thus work in a more effective manner for the company.

Boss slowly : Interesting that you blog about Saurav Ganguly..Did you write the post Axe Saurav Performance is Everything last month

Aargh laughs : Of course, and there was lots of support for it , except for one blogger.

Boss softly : You mean the blogger you called Joker.

Aargh nods and then realises must stop nodding and realises the meaning of the menancing look : But.. But... you are not Bengali..(aaaaaaargh shouldnt have said that too)

Boss : Saurav is Indian, I am Indian. Of course its the freedom of expression. And you are entitled to blog about your views and I am entitled to blog about my views... You may go. Just make sure you dont get sued.

Hmmm so guess this should be my next blogpost.
Saurav Oh Saurav, Thanks for being you
Thus enabling me to be offensive to you
Without worrying whether I will be sued by you
When clueless on blog topics, thanks for coming to my rescue.

Actually you are not that bad,
and hey my perfomance Sometimes too can be sad
But my Boss is warm and understanding, unlike Greg to you
Just like your supporters these days few, Good Boss too are few

And if I called anyone a joker for supporting you
I apologise sincerely for that too
Boss if you are reading, this is not just for you
In my own way I have apologised to Saurav too

If only we can blog without worry of being sued
Saurav, I wont be writing just about you.
Saurav Thank you , Thank you , for being You.
Boss remember this post too, during the performance review.

Note : Aargh Diaries is a fictional series


  1. i was just reading on another blog what has happened with gaurav, and I just followed up the entire incident.

    Its really sad that a *reputed* institute acts so childishly...if gaurav's claims are false, then IIPM should reply with proofs, not law suits..

    just goes on to show that we live in a society where people have double standards

    kudos gaurav & co., for exposing this...

    and aargh....bosses will remain bosses, no matter how much logic u try to force into them!!

  2. @$#!$#
    yeah its too awful the way they have dealt with it.

    personally thought worse than the lawsuit, was the reaction of some "bloggers" in rashmi blog

  3. ha ha ha ha... lol nice one! Bosses can be so nosey sometimes! And quoting your boss "So, what do you blog about?" :)

  4. vaibhav u will have to click on
    Read more ...

  5. LOL, the poem was really great :-D. Loved it :). BTW you still might get sued, so don't leve your email lying anywhere on your blog, and post a disclaimer like I did, saying "If you want to send me a legal notice, then just leave it as a comment :-D.

    Interesting that Saurav and Gaurav rhyme ;-) :).

  6. hmmm sue me for thanking saurav :))

    Aaaaaaargh forgot that saurav rhymes with gaurav :D

  7. A really nice take on the risky business of blogging, really funny.

  8. Saurav.
    yeah, must remember that next time someone at work asks me that!:-D

    btw on reading this:

    I tried to understand the law through films (just like I try to understand about sex and the opposite sex through them)

    My jaw hit the floor!

  9. hahah A nice trap.. I just tell them that I blog abou travel and be really vague...hahahah

    And I do have a travel blog.. and have shifted my actual blog to someplace else.. buahahhaah

  10. FYI - In the short description under your blog heading you have dissaude. "dissuade" is the correct spelling.


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