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Oct 10, 2005

Polls - Liar or a Hypocrite

Is it ok to assume and write on the blogs, a man is a liar/hypocrite, if he says, looks are not in the 7 things that attract him to the opposite sex (assuming he is hetrosexual, and same sex assuming he is homosexual)

Poll on till 11.10.2005 midnight:)

Poll Results : No : 3 Yes : 0
(Slogan Murugan assuming the rare ones you mentioned didnt include the blinds)

Bias doesnt have a gender. Its not that only males are biased or only females are biased.

The objective of the question was to point out about social sterotyping.

Its not about what is right and what is wrong about the stuff that attracts us. But on this being questioned, because they dont fit in a sterotype.

Looks is not the equivalent of money. Women can be financially independent. And there are men to whom the status and the wealth of the girl makes no difference. It doesnt mean they dont value money, but just are able to distingush between need and greed.

So looks not important to women, or more important to men then it is to women? Well ultimately it depends on the person.

In earlier societies women were not that independent and it was presumed all she could offer was her looks and housekeeping skills and a dowry. When women can change now, why cant men change.

Its easier to accept a woman in pants, and tougher to accept a man in skirts.

Its easier to accept woman are not saints but humans, but tougher to accept that men need not be devils but can be humans.

Just because a human is born feminine doesnt make that person "good and pure"
and just because a human is born masculine doesnt make that person "bad and barbaric"

To point out that men can suffer as much as women from bias was the objective of the poll.

The results are not indicative of the society or even blogging community. But was presented in form of a poll, to communicate a point. Thanks for participating and reading this post:)


  1. It depends on whether you know the man personally. If you know him and you know that he's lying and you think that he's being a hypocrite, only then the answer will be Yes.

    If you don't know the guy and he's a blogger who's a stranger to you, then the answer has to be NO.

  2. Generally speaking. Looks are def. a criteria. But there could be very very rare exceptions. Blind people are excluded.

  3. well i think i would trust an answer.
    agree with u deeps

    sloganmurugan :)) hmmm a cynical response

    sorry but i had to reframe the question

  4. Not sure how to post a comment for the whole blog, not just one entry. Anyway, do google the topics I mentioned in my previous comment, you'll find a cascade of information. Here's a good one for Conflict Diamonds (also called Blood Diamonds).
    IMHO, this is very relevant to Indians, since we seem to be diamond-struck, esp south-indian girls.

  5. thanks vidya,
    you can comment anywhere in this blog. i will get an email notification of it.
    will check the link:)


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