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Oct 2, 2005

Eggshots - Ban women from Driving

Posted earlier in now transferred with comments to this blog

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ban women from driving!!
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A blog post contains
"Yes, this post is about why women should be banned from driving or riding?
I feel that, all those men, who allow their Wife’s & Daughter’s to drive, should be arrested for attempted murder.
If tomorrow a man is fed up of his wife, I think he should tell her “Honey, I think its time you start driving”. Because she’ll kill her self while driving.
Women are only meant to either sit at the back of her guy on a bike or in the passenger’s seat of a car. And of course the back seat can be used by both
Why are women bad? Well it’s because they are just not confidant. They don’t understand rules and regulations.
If you notice women driving cars, bikes you will notice that they stick to the steering wheel or the handle bar. Sometimes it looks like their Tits are driving/riding the vehicle. "
If you want to join me in throwing eggs at this post, *Of course if you disagree with me and want to throw eggs at my blog you can Click here* 30.4.05After discussions on blogs and through email, happy to mention that the post has been updated and the author has mentioned the opinion is wrong.So I have deleted the earlier eggshots at this post.

# posted by wise donkey at 12:06 PM 5 comments

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Sray said...
Stupid, stupid fellow. Such people should be banned :D.
7:20 PM
updateComment('7:31 PM', 'wise donkey');

wise donkey said...
:)) sray (the blogs in o3 are not working for some reason)
7:31 PM
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KL said...
This post has been removed by the author.
7:52 AM
updateComment('7:53 AM', 'Sray');

Sray said...
WD: I wonder how you will respond the filthy comment on your :-).PS: The previous deleted comment was mine.
7:53 AM
updateComment('10:29 AM', 'wise donkey');

wise donkey said...
sraywell if its filthy comment at me, i wont be bothered or atleast show i am too bothered:Dbut if its at any group, well i would respond, dependin on the comment.but even if a person posts filthy comments at me but posts good stuff, i would respond to the post, and not take into account the comemnts against me.generally i have a good record those who post filthy comments against me, (they end up becomin my blog brothers and regrettin what they posted earlier against me:D)
10:29 AM

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