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Oct 20, 2005

Want to be what you Cant be

When Deeps mentioned this test and that she was like Gandhi, well I couldnt resist it. Though I respect Gandhi, couldnt imagine having the same result. So took the test and the maximum questions. The questions were quite good (from a Psy.student point of view) And the result :))

You are a detached intellectual whoose ideas saved/will destroy the world.You are Einstein. You lead with your mind exploring the unknown and helping to invent the future of mankind.
The other 8 options :Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Che Guevara, Adolf Hitler,Saddam Hussein, Bill Clinton, Abe Lincoln & JFK

Poor Einstein.

Amazingly, I would rather be Einstein than Gandhi or Teresa. Hmmm is that a terrible thing? The funniest part, I am terrible in Physics :) So trying to figure out if this should mean anything to me.

Hmmm perhaps some people want to be , what they cant be...

Go ahead have fun and take the test

PS : Took the test few days back but had not published it in this blogsite since the Do U Know and other posts were active:)


  1. "perhaps some people want to be , what they cant be"
    interesting !! and quite true

  2. Detached eh? Ideas will destroy the world? :-D Hehehee :). Looks like I better keep away from you.

    On second thoughts, I can claim proudly later, I knew Gaya :).

  3. Seems like I am dear 'ol Abe Lincoln :-). Mild mannered assasinated victim....Peaceful nature, good at mediating disputes with the exception of a bloody civil war!!! LOL!!!

  4. Just wondering that most of us know that whatever these websites tell us, they can hardly be true. Still human mind being so inquisitive in nature turns to them and try their luck. End reslut:vindication of what you thought. Next time somebody sends me link of this kind I am again going to go and find out the result. Silly? Or do these result give something to cherish about for a second?

  5. Err Deeps just wanting to be Einstein and have an attitude like Einstein aint enough, one has to be good technically too :D

  6. well amit as a student of the subject, i found it interesting...they have a good disclaimer, and its just for fun :)

    colors lol

    many in indiatimes blogsite also took the test.

    i am still yet to come across a clinton :))

  7. I was Clinton, and I did not like the result, it was too obvious. I was expecting some deep insight!!

  8. aaaaah atlast a clinton:))

    i thought the 45 questions format was not bad...

    havin some traits similar to clinton, is not the same as being like clinton..

    anyway it was just 4 fun

  9. your link points to!

  10. thanks bangalore guy :)
    corrected the error:)


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