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Oct 1, 2005

International Standing

Colors for you, our PM in the pic you had given Have circled him in blue :)

tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun

Will it be Mission Impossible 3
Thankfully it wasnt, not when Agent Donkee at it.

Mission : Find our PM in the recent UN General Assembly Picture
Mission Assigned by : Colors
Clues : The pic posted in her blog, reproduced below

Status : Mission Accomplished

tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun
tdng tdng tdng tdng tdng tun tun

It may seem no big deal, but hey shouldnt we know where we stand internationally (hmmm stupid pun).

Perhaps it was alphabetically or some other order. To cut the short story which I am trying to make long, short,
After going through the pic 9 times, decided to use Google images for a better resolution picture. But was unsuccessful and so went to
Went to their Special Events,
Seems this wasnt an special event
So checked the General Assembly
and yes there is a pic 88889.jpg with a better resolution.

So for those who dont care to find him, because he has already been found and who have patiently read this post, he is
in the 5th row 8th from the right.

Thats tough? Well check the lady in red in first row and the lady in white in the 5 row 2nd from right.
Draw a line from the lady in red and tilt it Slightly to the left. Draw another line from the lady in white.
And Eureka, where the line joins, you will find Dr.Singh.

Now who is going to find The General in the General Assembly Pic?


  1. Hey WD...extremely sorry for such a long delay. Just caught up in stuff and u churn up new posts before I can say 'missing' so have to *huff puff* run to keep up :-)

    Wow...u actually went thru all this trouble to find out! Thats gr8!! But u know...even after following ur instruction to the T, I couldnt locate Mr PM in my pic. Maybe we have diff pics. U can send me the link to this pic and I can compare


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