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Oct 2, 2005

10 things your followers could have said but didnt

Last year I wrote on your birthday 8 things you could have said but didnt

What amazing is not just your conviction, but the character of the millions of people who followed and perhaps even now follow your path.

Here are 10 things your followers could have said during the struggle but didnt

1.I dont see why I should protest against the government, in fact it would upatriotic to do it.

2.The king should worry about the country , I should worry about myself and my family

3.Gandhi doesnt belong to my caste/religion/province

4.He has probably taken money from the French or Germans to destabilise the fine British Government

5.Let my neighbour follow him first

6.I will follow him after I earn money

7.My grandchildren need wealth not what he calls freedom. Someone is always going to rule, there is no guarantee my granchildren will become the Prime Minister in future. They will need me and my money.

8.We are brave people and warriors, lets throw bombs and kill. Whats this about violence is better than cowardice but nonviolence is better than violence.

9.We are more developed now, and socially all sections have better rights, and British united and brought this concept of India, why go against them .

10.It will be more fun if he said, lets burn the goras and rape the goris. This fasting , getting lathicharged, going to prison , etc ..I will be an idiot to get into this.

Perhaps its not in me to become you, but I would be more than happy if I could make iota of contribution the Freedom Fighters (and not just your followers) did for this country.

To throw away your lifestyle and life, for the concept of better future not for your children but for the children of the country without the expectation of praise, and perquisites, and post, is perhaps the most unselfish deed.

Hoping on your Birthday, that I would discover the spirit of the Freedom Fighters who were non violent in their struggle, Today and Everyday.


  1. Interesting post. Although it takes a swipe at the post-independence generations - when circumstances are very different.

    Anyhow, good to see someone talking about the unknowns, the silent(?) majority, pre '47.

    I had a post on Gandhi too, at -

  2. good post....hilarious and Thought-provoking at the same time...

  3. bangalore guy will check it out:)
    anbu thanks :)

  4. well i believe its how u r as a person that attracts people,and not how much money u had!!!

    and may God Bless you & ur hubby....keep loving each other forever

  5. Pallavi thanks :)
    @$#!$# thanks a lot :)


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