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Oct 25, 2005

Do U Know - Rosa Parks

She was 42 and on her way home from work as a seamstress.

She took a seat in the front of the "black" section of a city bus in Montgomery, USA. The bus filled up and the bus driver demanded that she move so a "white" male passenger could have her seat

When she refused to give up her seat, a police officer arrested her.

Four days later, she was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $14.

For the next 381 days, afro-americans -- who according to Time magazine had comprised two-thirds of Montgomery bus riders -- boycotted public transportation to protest her arrest and in turn the city's segregation laws.

The mass movement marked one of the largest and most successful challenges of segregation and helped catapult King to the forefront of the civil rights movement.

The boycott ended on November 13, 1956, after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that Montgomery's segregated bus service was unconstitutional

But it wasn't until the 1964 Civil Rights Act that all public accommodations nationwide were desegregated.

Her name, Rosa Parks

Parth Anand Anup, Remus, peshwa, rvi, max, godolphin, Busybee, and oshin got it right:)

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  1. gaya: hmm dint know who it was...saw partha's cmt..and read!!! very interesting!!! very very!

  2. Maybe one day you could write about Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi who has now spent a total of 10 years under house arrest.

  3. parth anand and ramses :)
    vidya sure:)

  4. When one considers the Gaurav sabnis v/s IIPM case that happened recently, one wonders whether blogs can be used as mass movement for the future.

  5. Ya Rosa Parks sure was a symbol of racial definace all over. OutKast even had a song named after her.

    Good of you, of remebering her, when she's no more.

  6. Yea I saw and read news and article about her. She was really dare (I won't say devil)...:)

  7. :)

    My wishes for a happy n bright Diwali. May the new year bring much happiness and prosperity for ur n ur friends n family!!

  8. she was recently profiled on the apple website. Apple has this neat way of dedicating a tribute once in a while to significant people

  9. vaibhav, thirdeye yes:)
    nupur thanks and wish you the same:)
    cosmic project, didnt know will check:)
    bangalore guy didnt have net access these days so no new posts. will start from tommorrow, thanks for checking:)

  10. That was news for me ... :)


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