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Oct 19, 2005

Do U Know - Schizophrenia

Nearly 6 – 7 million Indians suffer from this brain disorder variously described as the “Cancer of the mind” and the “Greatest disabler of youth".

Its Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia (skit-zo-free-nia) is a term coined by the famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Eugene Bleuler in the year 1911 which was accepted later worldwide.

It denotes a severe and complex mental illness wherein the patient loses the ability to think, feel or behave in a normal way. The patient perceives a distorted reality but is usually unaware that of the illness. Patients also suffer from delusions ie. firmly held but false beliefs and begin to act on them. As a result of their faulty thinking and perception, their behavior becomes abnormal. It starts in the most productive period of life 15 - 45 years. It cuts across barriers of gender, educational and social classes. The exact cause of the illness is not known as yet. Research into the illness continues; what has emerged in recent years is a bio psychosocial model of the illness.

And the following got it right ,
the great rambler Navin Rage against the mad dogs spark Busybee vyuha Amit yes-G Parth Anand


  1. Schizophrenia

    it was an interesting information , though i m still wondering as how 2 pronounce it ?:)

  2. wetyeurt qewu xtyefdhghdgf

    Ok i am bad at this... :)

  3. Schizophrenia...Google gave this in a jiffy. The first link had the answer :-)
    Normally some effort is required.

  4. Googled it to verify what others had commented..
    mental health schizophrenia it is :)

  5. thanks for the pronounciation :D

  6. sir,madam,,,make arrangements to forward articles to others take copies

  7. annon couldnt understand ur comment:)

  8. on the verge of getting it!:)

    had taken this test to find out if i cd become a schizophrenic! was on the positive:)!

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  10. ramses :))
    actually even i took the test for the same reason:)


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