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Oct 20, 2005

Poll - Emotional Health Checkup

At 31, I take the annual master health checkup seriously. Early detection always helps, right.
Mainly it would be a bloodsugar analysis, an abdominal scan and ecg and an eye checkup. But is physical health only important. What if the doctor advised me to visit a psychiatrist for a routine check up?

Oh God Pleassssssse Never.

Its not that the mental disorders cant be cured, but while we can accept and talk about and treat a problem with our heart, its so tough to even think that there could be something even mildly wrong with the functioning of the brain.

But if it comes in the master health check up package, would it be easier for me?

Poll :
Should master health checkup packages, now offered by many hospitals include visits to Psychiatrists for a basic routine checkup?

For our well being its not just physical health, but even emotional health (thats better than saying mental health) is important. And in an effort to break my own barriers, took this test and posted its results. (Sure the test results are not everything and need not be accurate, but it did take lot of effort on my part to take it and to make the decision to post the result irrespective of what it says).


  1. I think it should be included - but if given a option, ppl most probably wld not want 2 visit a psychiatrist.. - who wld like to think that they are 'crazy' (a term sadly used for ppl having psy. disorders)

    and the test !!! i took it and WHOA !!! - my advice , dont believe in the test :)

    ps:why sudden interest in psy. disorders? ! :)

  2. :))
    well it has nothing to do with me being a student of msc applied psy:)

    and everything to do with the Do u know post.

    i had written the crazy post this weeek after an article in Indiatimes, so it was on my mind when i wanted this week's do u know after all emotional health is an issue.
    last 3 weeks had followed by do u know with a related poll..

    the test and the site.. well they have put up the disclaimer..

  3. so u r back. The problem in visiting psychiatrist is we don't know if he is normal or not....;)

  4. forgot to say welcome back...I noticed it's already been a long time since u back.

  5. thanks tarun:)

    true:) psy dr having a disorder perhaps not same as diabetologist (spell???) having diabetes:)


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