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Aug 14, 2005

Aargh Diaries Independence Day Special

Another fishpond on Saturday at work. Well its our own tribute to Independence Day and the topic "What I do for my country" (If we had kept it what I would like to do, I dont think it would have been much different. All would have mentioned about giving for orphanges and what nots, but of course only, after earning a few million (preferably Euros or USD)

So without wasting your time, during which you could do something for the country, will proceed to mention the results. Those in brackets are my thoughts.

Why the hell should I do something for my country ? Anyway I am not a terrorist or a blood sucking politician or govt official and thats more than enough (Uh Oh everyone is looking at me)

I made a donation to the PMNRF during the Tsunami (Now no one is looking at me :( )

I will watch the Independence Day parade and the related programmes on TV (Great its nice to see the filmstars tell us about freedom, who wants some old freedom fighter moaning about the sacrifices their family had to make.)

I pay my taxes regularly (Congrats mate. Finance is important)

I watch in the theatre any movie on patriotism (Wow nice to not see it on pirated cd, but hey which movies the Sunny Deol ones???)

I vote (Err hope its only one vote. But still nice to see a voter).

I vote for the Congress the party which fought for freedom (Excuse me I thought Gandhi wanted the party disbanded after Independence. Anyway nice to see another voter too)

I follow all the law and rules. (Hmmmm I thought all were innocent until proven guilty and sometimes the Supreme Court disagreed on what is right with High Court etc. But good luck mate if you are sure you can never break the law)

I use condoms and therefore the chances of population increase, decreases. (Oh how patriotic, never mind you can also get protection against HIV and other STDs.)

I vote for BJP the party which is not pseudo secular and is nationalistic and has guts. (Uh hmmm. Now again why is everyone looking at me???Hey stop looking at me. This is supposed to be fishpond game not What Aargh Wrote game)

I support the Indian Cricket Team and burnt Ganguly effigy when he didnt score and now will burn Dravid for not winning in Sri Lanka. (Errr hope you meant Dravid effigy and not Dravid)

I have written to Bush to invade India and make it a strong independent nation (What the ---- Well not funny! Everyone seems to be shocked and insulted. So who is the black sheep, the "yuppie boy"?? Anyway thankfully Bush doesnt read this blog. )

I have read Gandhi's book (Well I suppose following Gandhi is not the same thing)

I pray to God for Indians (Touching )

I hate Pakistan. And I hate Pakistanis. And I practise my Darts throws on Jinnah photo. (Now I dont know what LK Advani will say to that)

I watched Lagaan 16 times (Hmmm and now Mangal Pandey???)

I approve of intersect marriages (Yeah its too much to expect intercaste and inter religion etc)

I am proud to be an Indian (Good for you. But who isnt proud?)

I refused a foreign offer and choose to not become a NRI (Startled looks around the office. Now who got the foreign offer? Well mate, so does this mean I should go back to my village otherwise I am disloyal to my village and why do they celebrate Pravesi Diwas or whatever if NRIs are unpatriotic.)

I dont waste water. (How by not taking bath?? Well guess have to appreciate the sincerity)

I buy only Indian products (And how am I supposed to know who controls what percentage of the management. But thats individual freedom. Hmmm I can avoid the foreign colas but not sure if I will refuse a MNC medicine.)

I am very courteous to foreigners (Err hope you extend it to fellow Indians and hope by foreigners you dont mean just the white guys)

I am encouraging my son to become a doctor (Errr its always nice to more good doctors. And if you think the country needs more doctors, wonder if you will be pleased if your servant's son becomes a doctor. But shouldnt your son's career be his choice. And well hopefully if he wants to join the army or become a politician you will not discourage him.)

I have decided to marry a foreigner since I sincerely believe in The Pledge " all Indians are my brothers and sisters".(Sheesh !!! What next disowning the parents saying they cant be sister and brother and parents at the same time? And will it also mean sharing your assets with all Indian brothers and sisters? And hmmm foreigner, from which country? USA or Cuba. ?)

I have donated blood few times. Told my family for eye donation and organ donation in event of my death and to not canvass for my life, if I am ever kidnapped by terrorists. (Hmmm no reaction from anyone)

I always attend the flag hoisting function. Jai Hind. (Jai Hind)

And the last chit

What! Its blank???
A mistake???
Or is it supposed to symbolically mean the person has done Nothing???
Or does the person not care to think about it???
Or does the person think action speaks louder than words???

Aaaaaaaaargh! Another Monday Morning Mystery for the fellow Indian Bloggers.
Independence Day wishes:)

Aug 2, 2005


Birthdays are stressful

You got to remember all the birthdays

And giving the right gifts are never easy

And then you also have to remember what they gave you for your birthday

And if there is a party, well it would be nice to wear something new :)

And worse if its your birthday (After all everyone keeps asking you the
birthday plans, and when it feels like just another day, you end up more
stressed for not feeling happier and brighter)

Well when I wrote one for Ash, Shahrukh, and few other filmstars and also
for our PM & President, feel compelled to write one today too.

But I cant think of anything to write today

Since Muse is celebrating my birthday and is on a holiday.

Just wanted to write a sincere thanks to Gladiatrix, Triplex, Rage, Pramod &
Spark :)

The best thing about the birthdays are the wishes and it feels wonderful to
see your cards and wishes :)

Thanks bloggers for making my day :)

PS : Hmmm Birthdays perhaps are not that stressful. For the curious, I have
tortured everyone around me for 31 years.:)