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Aug 2, 2005


Birthdays are stressful

You got to remember all the birthdays

And giving the right gifts are never easy

And then you also have to remember what they gave you for your birthday

And if there is a party, well it would be nice to wear something new :)

And worse if its your birthday (After all everyone keeps asking you the
birthday plans, and when it feels like just another day, you end up more
stressed for not feeling happier and brighter)

Well when I wrote one for Ash, Shahrukh, and few other filmstars and also
for our PM & President, feel compelled to write one today too.

But I cant think of anything to write today

Since Muse is celebrating my birthday and is on a holiday.

Just wanted to write a sincere thanks to Gladiatrix, Triplex, Rage, Pramod &
Spark :)

The best thing about the birthdays are the wishes and it feels wonderful to
see your cards and wishes :)

Thanks bloggers for making my day :)

PS : Hmmm Birthdays perhaps are not that stressful. For the curious, I have
tortured everyone around me for 31 years.:)


  1. Hey is today your BIRTHDAY???

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,Dear donkey(oops...Gaya)
    Happy Birthday to you.

    *ahem* the party?

  2. Hey!
    Many happy returns of the day.

    Came around ur blogs when searching for Upma varieties! :)

    Cheers take care!

  3. Thank you Thank you,
    errr now dont add to the stress by mentioning re the party :D

    missnupur thanks :)
    (am aware of ur blogs thru missindependent blogs in rediff. will check urs after i go back from vacation.)
    and hope the upmas came out well too:)

  4. Happy belated birthday and may you have many happy happy days :) hugsss

  5. Birthdays always are special,specially if it is of a friend then it becomes even more special:)Belated Happy birthday to you{sorry,me was out of town} and Let there be smiles and joy forever in your life.Hugs to you my dear friend and All i can say is there are so many who miss u here in the blogworld and i am one among them,Comeback soon:)

  6. I never enjoyed much on b'days coz ppl used to drop by or call at home to wish me after a year and all this used to make me as if they are all fake. I dont know why...

    anyway, I did celebrated mine on the next day of this post :D

    Belated happy b'day to you!!

  7. well!
    a happy (albeit belated ) birthday to you!!!
    well i'm sorry i missed it.
    been out of touch of late ,you see.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. pallavi and akruti thanks and hugs :)

    arz00n belated wishes to you and nice to meet another leo. :)

    kalpesh no probs thanks a lot :)


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