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May 18, 2009

Wrong Results Wrong Emails

Dear Diary
I had thought it would be cute to greet my colleagues with a "future email" on Monday morning after the results, last week. Based on few blogs and media bytes, I had assumed the BJP would win.

To the closet Congressites at work, emailed
"Its all because of Manmohan Singh, Rahulji has nothing to do with it"
And to the shrill BJPites
"Its all because of Ram's blessings".

Needless to say, the Congressites and the BJPites unitedly hate me.

May 2, 2009

Twitter Blogger

Hmmm are tweets of a Stay at home Blogger more interesting than tweets of a Stay at home Mom, as claimed by yours truly in an earlier post? You be the judge.

1.Just posted my first blog! Cant wait for the whole world to read and confirm, I am a gift to humanity.

2.Its two hours after my post, and its just 6 comments. Let me thank them all by visiting their blog and telling them they are cool too and linking to them and making sure I read and comment on their posts.

3.Its a week since I blogged and not everyone's back for more.

4.When I complained on my blog I was called a Loser

5.I wrote on Sex and Religion and Yeah my blog's getting comments and its also featured, yes featured on the sites main page. Hmmm who is a Loser.

6.Emailed the featured page to all my friends and the editor who rejected my material. I can and have made it big.

7.Its not easy being a stay at home blogger, I have to pay my own net and telephone bills, instead of it being an office perk. When will I earn 100$ through advertising? And how much of the cost would it cover?

8.Its a month since I started blogging and just 70% of what I have written has been featured and just 82% of bloggers have come back to comment and 30% of the comments are spams. Perhaps I should blog in more sites.

9. I think I need to change my templates and add more gadgets. Spent 5 hours on template and changed it again after 15 minutes.

10. Its six months and now my main blog (not where I blogged initially btw) has had 1000 visitors! Happy 6 months birthday to my blog. And I have earned 10 cents through you!

11.An annon blogger who claims to know me, thinks I have a holier than thou attitude, spent 2 hours obsessing about it and wondering which of my friendly blogger could be the annon blogger.

12.Had problems with a blogsite, stopped blogging. Back to blogging in that site after all the bloggers are more important than site and my friends blog "there".

13. @#$# burnt my food. Could I write a blog on Smart Excuses for Burnt food.

14.Help I cant stop thinking about my blog and the stuff to blog. Do I need professional help!

15. Cant believe I blogged "Do I need professional help?". And surely people dont think I am crazy

16. I am crazy to have wasted all this time blogging. I just got one award for all the hard work I put in and I had to share it with...

17.My new year resolution is to win more awards and be featured frequently.

18.Hmmm "How come this blog has more readers than mine" (to be said in the tone of the rin ad, "bala uski sari meri sari se safaid kaise")

19.Spent the week adding more color, content, links and gadgets to my blog. Didnt have time for posting though.

20. Its some years since I blogged and I dont care who visits or comments, just glad I have an outlet to express myself and add to the cyber junk. Though I wish I had stuck with one blogsite, I hate closing down a blog and admitting failure and yet, multiple posting is a pain.

21. Cant decide if my Twitter followers will read my blogs, or if my blog readers will follow my Tweets. And if something important happens in my life, should I tweet first and then blog or should I blog and then tweet the blog title?