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May 18, 2009

Wrong Results Wrong Emails

Dear Diary
I had thought it would be cute to greet my colleagues with a "future email" on Monday morning after the results, last week. Based on few blogs and media bytes, I had assumed the BJP would win.

To the closet Congressites at work, emailed
"Its all because of Manmohan Singh, Rahulji has nothing to do with it"
And to the shrill BJPites
"Its all because of Ram's blessings".

Needless to say, the Congressites and the BJPites unitedly hate me.


  1. LOL, You actually mailed that? I don't know about BJP and Congress supporters, but 'irony' sure loves you!

    Take care.

  2. thankfully aargh diaries is a fictional ketan i didnt:D


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