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Oct 11, 2009


Why haven't I posted for so long
I can blame it on the net connection
or mention the lack of time
Point out I was out of station for two months
or mention my dad died and how I am trying to cope
Or brag about my kid..

But actually Silence is Easier than words
And hopefully this time around I would blog more..
Its nice to be home at the blogs..


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Hope you are coping well...

    Hows the baby boy? Must be keeping you on your toes eh?

  2. I remmeber your baby's name, but don't know whether you want me to mention it in your blog ;-).

  3. its ok, if u mention the name..he is fine and doesnt give me much time to blog or do anything else...

    on my dad, i didnt realise it would be this tough..this is tougher than the death of my first son. too many memories perhaps..


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