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Oct 13, 2009

Before Birth Contract

This is an agreement between the Creator and You, The Wannabe Human (TWH)
The Creator, agrees to give you Life.

But giving you the spark of Life doesn't mean, helping you, in having a Life. To put it simply :
Life will not be fair. This is the main clause, and it summarises all the other clauses. But while other creatures, understand this simple rule, being a complex creature, you don't seem to understand this point, when you become human.

The TWH should realise, that the Creator will be busy managing the infinite universe, and will not be inclined to the infinite problems of the TWH.
Simply Accept the Situation and do what you can, to Change it.

The Creator appreciates you being truthful sincere and honest. But being that is its own reward. If you make a choice otherwise, be prepared for the consequences and please do not call the Creator.

When in doubt, behave like other creatures, who have nothing and yet do not crib or complain.

The Creator creates humans, Humans create the concepts of Religion and Money and emergencies like slower internet or traffic jams.

The TWH should realise, there would be some TWHs who seem to have it all, and some TWHs who would seem to have nothing. The onus falls on the TWH to mend this situation.

Eventhough You are not giving anything back to the Creator, the Creator understands, TWHs need an incentive to follow this Contract. If you follow this Contract, in your next birth, you will be born as a Cockroach, (subject to availability ).

Being a Cockroach ensures,
1. You scare most of the Humans
2. You dont have to worry about Anything.

Please kick if you have understood and accept to the Contract.


  1. I am kicking, I am kicking. I would do anything to be a cockroach in my next life :-D. You forgot to mention theall the hogging they get to do without worrying about their weight :-p.

  2. and i omitted to mention it was You who gave me the idea. i intended to, i wanted to find the post u wrote on that, but couldnt do it in time:(

  3. No problems :-D. Here is the link -

  4. LOL@ the post! It was too good!

    Yes, I'm indeed one of the TWHs, who is indeed afraid of cockroaches, which many others find ridiculous thinking I'm not grown up enough!

    You have read about deism (click)?

    And if you find time, please go through this post (click) of mine.

    And now I know how you landed up on my blog! :)


  5. :D will check

    I landed on ur blog, to return ur landing on my blog some months back:)
    i think the twitter posts..

  6. No, I don't think I would have landed on your blog before. Plus, I don't follow twitter! ;) I was refering to Deepthi's (above) blog where I'd commented on a few posts. You're most likely to have followed me from there. Had I landed on your blog before, it's unlikely that I wouldn't have commented or followed you.


    PS: What is that 'kick', you'd referred to in the post? The one fetus gives while in the uterus?

  7. check the first comment. I think its by you..(or a hacker!)

    you got it right on the kick. after all its a Before birth contract..and being WD i like that word (Btw earlier I had created a blog Kick, (The first expression of life) and hence the blog identity Wisedonkey


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