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Oct 14, 2009

Nobel Reasons

I don't want to jump on the Nobel Committee is Stupid Bandwagon. I am sure they had their reasons.

1. He came up with an unique strategy to free Tibet.
President Barack Obama faced criticism for putting off a meeting with the Dalai Lama until after his China trip next month. The White House defended the move saying 'a strong relationship with Beijing helps the Tibetans. Our relationship with China - having a strong relationship and a good dialogue with them allows us to talk to them about the cares and concerns of the Tibetan people'.

2. They wanted to prevent wars with Iran or N Korea.

3. They couldn't find Superman.

4. His name rhymes with Osama, his VP's name rhymes with Laden, his middle name is Hussien, he is half Black & yet he didn't do a Gore & saved the world from Sarah Palin!
They thought perhaps He Is Superman.

5. He has to clean the Bush Mess. Even Superman needs encouragement to do that Olympian task.

6. They take all recommendations of Oprah seriously. Not just her Book Club Choices.

7. There wasn't a choice. Who could they give it to, Gandhi??

8. The Committee wanted the world to know they existed. Perhaps too much attention on Laureates earlier.

9. Its recession time & the Committee wanted to ask Pepsi for Sponsorship. Or Obama for a Bailout Package.

10. The Committee wanted a benchmark before giving it to George Clooney next year


  1. LOL, especially at last point!

  2. yeah that was my fav too and i am hoping clooney wins it next year, so that i can brag i predicted it last year:D


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