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Oct 25, 2009


He came home early. His son hurriedly shut the porn he was watching on his laptop.

After helping himself to the hot samosas and tea, he grabbed his briefcase.

He handed the photocopies of the book he had copied for his son, at his office, along with the color printouts for his project. And said "I had to pay 25 lakhs for your seat, study hard".

His son nodded and grabbed his father's mobile, to play games in it. He stared at his son, wondering if he should remind him to not crash his mobile again. After all, even if he was a hotshot at work, people talked about his frequent mobile changes.. His son perhaps read his mind, since he showed him, how to hack into their neighbour's wi-fi. He didn't understand most of it, but pretended to understand. "My son is a genius, I must nurture him," he thought proudly and moved on to his wife.

He gave her a jewel box and smiled when she squealed and gleefully took out the new necklace. "Better than the neighbour's Anniversary gift?" he asked with a smirk? The necklace had been sponsored by the three new candidates he had selected. Since they didn't deserve to be selected, for them, it was a bargain to pay him.

"Lets go out for dinner " he said. (To a new restaurant, which his colleagues had praised). And of course on the expense account. After all, how could he take clients out to a restaurant, he hadn't tested and tasted?

"But I wanted to watch movie. New release and the print is great! " his son complained holding out the pirated cd. "Lets order pizza." his son suggested. He hated pizza. Just hype, he thought. He looked at his wife for support. "Lets go out, he can order a pizza for now, and we can get a parcel for him" she decided.

"Shall we invite our "Favourite Neighbours"?" he asked. After all, what was the point of a lifestyle, if you didn't have an audience. "I don't think they will be in the mood "she said. "It turned out to be a Girl for their daughter. So they had to "take care of it" today. He nodded in approval " Well they should be pleased they found out early. See if you can find someone else for dinner."

He grabbed the TV remote and began channel surfing, to find a dinner discussion topic. The news was the usual mix of Page 3 promotions, corrupt politicians and past cricketers who criticised the present bunch for being greedy and ineffective. He muttered, "Rotten corrupt people without values. The system is hopeless.."


  1. Good :)
    I wasn't expecting it to end this way, was expecting a longer post, but never-mind.

    Your name brought me here, a donkey and wo bhi 'wise' :D

  2. tarun thanks:)
    i thought i made my didnt increase the length..

    i am wise because i know i am just a donkee:)
    how smart is that!

  3. well, i got you :)
    You know that you are a donkey and that makes you wise :)

  4. With so many vices in the same piece, this sounded a bit forced upon. It seemed like a summary of what could have otherwise turned out to be a great story.

    And, I'm surprised you know the order of magnitude of money that's paid for securing admission into management quota seats, nowadays!

    After my college turned a deemed university, the fee for MD radiodiagnosis from what I've heard is 1.5 crore, that too with a booking period of 2 years. The college stands on land that was leased to them at a rate of 1 rupee per acre for doing social service! And two people from this trust have already won padmashree award precisely for doing that social service! Not in the least because of age-old relations with one of the most dominant families of Indian politics. How's that for some inspiration for the gen next. And how's that for seeing our Indian 'history' in a new light?

    As we interact further you might understand why have I become so incorrigibly cynical about humanity and projected greatness of 'great' people, including one historical freedom fighter you seem to like a lot.

    Kindly read the paragraph in the following link, and I hope you'll not miss the clear political double-speak most definitely reeking of paranoia of losing political control over the masses. Of course, to best understand the article you'll have to read it from the beginning. But have you ever though, such a prominent historical event hardly finds mention in our history text books!



  5. could you count 10 vices? well i just want to get it out of my system, even if it turned out to be lame..

    let me put it this way, i interact with a family like the one featured in the i know the engineering seats rates by category and college..TOI did an expose this year on the college scam..

    well i don't have any holy cows in my favourite leaders one is perfect and its not necessary i would know everything..

    on the cynic, its part of growing up:) will check link:)


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