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Oct 13, 2005


Her heart was beating
Yet it was waiting
She heard there were visitors
Her husband, or parents or her now grown up child, she was hoping

She went about her routine
and still waited with bated breath
After all she had prayed hard yesterday
Perhaps God finally decided to answer her prayers today

But like the sunset, slowly the rays of her hopes vanished
And her future once again seemed dark as she accepted, from her family, she was banished
She had handled this for years and this was nothing new
Yet nowadays why did she feel,if this continued, she wouldnt be able to make it through

She was supposed to be crazy
When was she crazy, then or now
Hoping against hope that they would come
Even though the false address in the register meant they would never come

The doctors and counsellors could cure her illness
But the society still couldnt cure its illness
They can believe cancer can be cured
But, once termed mad, for lifetime, the stigma to be endured.

The visitors had admitted another woman
She should have known that people come here to dump
Not to check back, leave alone take them home.
So what would be it, they started speculating

Was she harrassed a lot to become crazy
Was she not worthy due to lack of enough dowry
The new patient seemed calm and resigned
Perhaps she knew who were really crazy.

Based on Women wait in vain to go home


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