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Nov 7, 2005

Blame Game

You have a problem but dont want to deal with it.
Yet the stupid people around you want you to deal with it and talk about it.
Heres a quick Blame Game Guide. (Since you already know the God, Stars, Weather & Pak/ISI ones havent included them)

1.Blame the opposite sex. (That ensures a support from your sex atleast. If they dont support you, call them Gay)
2.Blame the media (Everyone loves to hate the media. Dont do it if you are part of the media).
3.Blame the government (If your favourite party is in power, blame the opposition)
4.Blame the listener's enemies. (whatever the topic, always works)
5.Blame the transport system (Eg, I am addicted to porn coze the trains are slow and I dont get time for the real thing)
6.Blame the Boss (works outside office, dont be dumb enough to trust your colleagues)
7.Blame bureaucracy (Eg: I would contribute to Disaster relief but the bureaucrats wont disburse them properly)
8.Blame your parents (works with friends not with family. Eg If my parents were millionaires..)
9.Blame your religious beliefs (Works with almost everything, but depends on the other person's religious beliefs.)
10. Blame Bin Laden, that makes you a patriotic World Citizen and gives you License to Kill.

Well all the best with the Blame Game,
from cheating on spouse to being overweight,
from being addicted to porn to being addicted to shopping
from always being late to committing murders
This List should work.

If it doesnt, Dont blame me or this blog.

Whats blogging without blaming Saurav Ganguly?
We would have won the match but there was a Saurav supporter with his pic and the team got distracted
I am late because I was praying for saurav's return/non-return
I didnt file my tax returns since I was busy blogging about saurav :D

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  1. O wise one... blame it on the rain if on nothing else... LOLOLOL

  2. yes pallavi, the weather is perhaps too cliched and used quite frequently, hence didnt mention in the guide:D

  3. Yeah. Reminds me of the situation after Katrina here in US. People were blaming the state government. The state government was blaming the central government. The central government was in turn blaming the FEMA amd so on. This blame game is an international phenomenon ;-).

  4. Wisey, from your posts it seems you just love Saurav Ganguly. Dont know whether positively or
    negatively. You will have to confirm this.

    PS: Everytime I open your blog there are few windows which always open along with that...
    Could you look in to that please?

  5. love saurav no way !! cricketwise i rather watch sachin:D

    but yeah my blog seems to be obsessed with saurav
    thats because I get a good response in O3 blogs and over there saurav ganguly is an obsession amongst all bloggers

    even today, i had written just the first part and when a saurav fan appeared couldnt resist the dig and what started as a comment ended up as part of the post:)

    Pamela Anderson, Ekta Kapoor & Saurav Ganguly can be discussed infinitely and talked about in any posts, it seems
    I would love Bush digs but havent seen many takers for that:)

    I dont get any popups so i dont know why you are getting them:(

  6. Without blame not possible any Game.....Should I blame God for making such a world. But before that let me make sure if such thing (God) really exist and responsible for creating this world...Untill then I blame myself why did I read WD's this post. ;)

  7. Ha Ha....typical WD stuff.

    well I guess the latest fad is not blaming bin laden, but blaming george bush....even 'ol maradona is doin it!!!

  8. I am addicted to porn coze the trains are slow and I dont get time for the real thing

    doubled over laughing.

    btw, you dint say anything about blaming God/Fate.

  9. bangaloreguy thanks:)
    .. well i think weather God Fate stars are already used frequently so didnt find a mention :)

  10. Well... I blame the boss... it works for me!

    *looks around for suspcious colleagues* :)


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