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Nov 28, 2005

Standard Response

The standard response for many things from some would be the "injured finger" (hope the person who came with this idea got a good bonus:D) and its verbal equivalent.
Well for me its Blog it.

Yesterday, there was an One Day International between England and India in Faridabad. Dont feel guilty if you didnt know about it. Even Burkha Dutt - NDTV didnt know about it. And came to know about it only because she was going to do a program on Women and Sports.
And yesterday night, even after the program, when I went through their website, didnt find a mention of it.
Well I am not going to blame the media.
No coverage is better than headlines like Sexiest Women Cricketer or the Hockey Player who looks Hot in Mini Skirt.

So back to my standard response.
Its blog it. But rather than write a post lamenting about it, decided to start a blog with information about it.

I am still naive enough to believe that awareness is important.
So have started the blog FYI . It just gives minimum details about Indian sports, excluding Men's cricket. Since there are plenty of blogs on it.
I would love it, if it becomes comprehensive. And I dont know if I would be able to find the time to maintain it. And frankly I am intimidated by the thought. Perhaps one should think twice before the “standard response“. After all I dont have a media manager to explain it away creatively.

Scared and would appreciate support and suggestions for this blog.


  1. its a nice effort....hope u do get time to post more there...

    oh, and i can be of help if u wanna post abt motorsoprts:-)

  2. well i have started :D
    motorsports well i dont know...

    right now i have been thinking of covering the highlights of international matches, which India participate.

    narain, no.. but others.. in motorsport would appreciate and yeah of course would give credit:)

  3. ur FYI on a good move :)...wd lvoe tor ead and know more abt alternative sports...and many other sports that are not covered by/hyped by the media:)

    esp for a person like me who hardly has any knowledge abt sports/sports personalities..barring the ones that we see ever so often

  4. ramses thanks:)
    actually even i dont know much, but that doesnt stop me:D


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