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Nov 15, 2005

Do U Know - Uttar Pradesh Maternal and Child Health

It has the highest maternal mortality rate in the country since nearly 40,000 women lose their lives giving birth, each year. Thus roughly one out of every 15 maternal deaths worldwide takes place in Uttar Pradesh

(The answer on Thursday. Search Engines allowed.)


spark P-H-A-N-T-O-M Sunny got it right. ideasgalore Navin came close.

A maternal death audit conducted by the ministry of health and family planning showed that the maternal mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh was 707 per 100,000, whereas for the rest of India the figure was 404 per 100,000.

Uttar Pradesh's statistics on maternal and child health

Total population of Uttar Pradesh: 16.6 crore (2001 census)

Around 54,00,000 children are born in Uttar Pradesh each year.

Of these, 450,000 infants die before they are one year old,

275,000 infants die before the age of one month.

Of the more than 54,00,000 pregnant women, only 225,000 receive the full check-up and care that they require during pregnancy.

Over 40,00,000 women deliver without any skilled attendant present, and

over 45,00,000 deliver at home.

Of the women who deliver at home, 42,00,000 are not visited by a health worker even two months after childbirth.

Conditions at government health centres and hospitals - The Government of India conducted a survey to understand the status of government healthcare facilities in 2000. The report on Uttar Pradesh mentions:

Total number of Primary Health Centers surveyed: 486.
Only 10 had a working telephone, 418 did not have a working vehicle.
A medical officer was not present at 107 PHCs. Female health staff was not complete in 442 PHCs; Male staff was incomplete in 403 places.
342 PHCs did not have labour room equipment;
418 places did not have normal delivery kits; and 467 places did not have emergency delivery kits/drugs.

Of a total number of 34 first referral units surveyed (FRUs are hospitals like community health centres and district hospitals where facilities for Caesarean operations should be available),
16 FRUs did not have a working vehicle,
24 FRUs did not have a telephone.
Eighteen FRUs had an obstetrician posted,
but only two places had an anaesthetist.
Anaesthesia equipment was available in 16 places, but emergency labour drugs were only available in six places.
Oxygen cylinders were available in 19 places.

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  1. Well, I did think it wld be south India....but I guess they are only known for infant killing....
    surprised to see UP...

  2. "Well, I did think it wld be south India....but I guess they are only known for infant killing...."

    just for your info:) from infochangeindia
    The child sex ratio
    kerala 960
    tamilnadu 942
    andhra 961
    karnataka 946
    mahrashtra 913
    gujarat 883
    mp 932
    orrisa 953
    w bengal 960
    assam 965
    Jammu & Kashmir 941
    Himachal Pradesh 896
    Punjab 798
    Chandigarh 845
    Uttaranchal 908
    Haryana 819
    Delhi 868
    Rajasthan 909
    Uttar Pradesh 916
    Bihar 942
    Sikkim 963
    Arunachal Pradesh 964
    Nagaland 964
    Manipur 957
    Mizoram 964

    The national rate is 927 i dont find the southern states dragging the figures down...
    when it comes to foeticide and infanticide..perhaps u dont know everything...

    this is not to say that foeticide and infanticide doesnt exist in south but just that it exists more in some other parts .

    (this is for ur info and lets not get the northie-westie-southie-eastie thing into this, i dont know which region u belong to and it doesnt make a difference to me)

  3. Unfortunate info...

    FYI, I belong to south and well, to chennai if you want to be precise, but I was honestly expecting southern states to top the list. (obviously no pride in that). I still believe probably TamilNadu has the highest infanticide rate in India especially with respect to baby girls.....which actually means that I'm obviously not into Northie-southie-east-west thing.....

    Seriously I expected states like Bihar not UP...u know what I mean? Otherwise, I just dont bother whichever part of India ppl belong to.....

  4. hey i said it doesnt matter to me which region u belong.

    i agree eg dharmapuri. but from what i read, infanticide goes in couple of states in north too, not just foeticide.
    below the 900 mark
    punjab himachal haryana delhi and gujarat !

  5. Gaya,i went for a picnic a few days back and it was almost i nthe midst of thick jungle and the waterfall was beautiful,But when we were coming back our bus got stuck in the slash of mud and we had to walk till the next village,there is the reality,harsh reality of life.
    No power,no telephone,network not available and they dont have a police station or a hospital,the near by docter is 8km from there and the only mode of transport is cycle,and they have a school building,a one room in front of which there were lot of sheep and buffalos,and there is no teacher,the govt is yet to appoint them,and last elections they saw their MLA who came begging for votes,and thats it.5yr old kids r carrying 1yr old kids as their parents r busy in the fields. Sad is a small word about what i felt.I felt helpless.This is the state of affairs in most of the villages in this country and we still talk of prosperity.

  6. Tch Tch.. yes that's the sorry state of affairs in our country.

    Btw... loved your thoughts on pre-marital sex.

  7. Jesus Christ..I never knew it was so horrible!!!And India wants to be a developed country by 2020..tough task,folks

  8. akruti words fail me.
    vaibhav yeah and thanks:)
    sudarshan well, i think people have different perceptions on what is "development"
    its more about mobiles and malls
    not human development index and boring stuff like that...

  9. net prob so not bloggin :)
    and no do you know this week

  10. i dont think it really matters that which state sucks more n how . No point in comparing different states , when we all know that some might hve a penny more but all are still, in rags when it comes to humanism

  11. well vyuha this is my 3rd post on maternal mortality and i had to concentrate on something different and 1 in 15 is pretty huge.

    i thought 40000 in a year and that too in just 1 state is pretty big.

    if it had 40000 due to terrorism wouldnt it have got more attention?

    rags when it comes to humanism, yes.


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