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Nov 8, 2005

Please not that

Muse : Never Never Never

Self : Muse, dont be a prude, sex is not such a taboo

Muse : But this is NOT about sex though it may be a sexual act.

Self : Then whats the problem?

Muse : Are you really that dumb?

Self : Sure I realise that its not dinner conversation and if we ever write about it, I wouldnt be passing the link to my friends and family. It could be embarassing..

Muse : Aaah so you see my point. Then why do you want to embarass not just you and me but also the bloggers

Self : For the simple reason that its not blogged about. And well, when oral sex is medium HIV risk, and when this is not harmful and when it can be more satisfying than intercourse, perhaps instead of promoting just abstinence, if..

Muse : Stoooopppppppppp. If you dont I will quit.
Aaarrrrrrgh I think it would be easier being Salman's PRO then being your Muse


  1. Now you've made me real curious :-D

  2. (blushing)

    posted this after a dare with a blogger in o3blogs:)

  3. Thought so, but wanted it to come from the horse's mouth, or in this case, the donkey's mouth :-D

  4. when it can be more satisfying than intercourse

    Ahem! Isnt it a substitute?


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