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Nov 8, 2005

Template Tales and Pic Pick

Its just so tempting, to change the template (in blogger)

I dont know if its just me, but I get bored to post in the same template.
And not just the templates, I pay attention to stuff like fonts too!

For those who think it probably reflects my personality, well it doesnt.
I can be comfortable with uncombed hair for a fortnight (Well after that others will get tooo uncomfortable with me:D)
But I cant blog for a fortnight in a template that I dislike..

Think I spend atleast 10-15% of my blog time on Templates..

Most sites like o3,sify,spaces,360 etc dont allow selfcoding, Well that just means change the template and try a new look..

After spending days, the last time I changed the template in blogger and rediff, decided, that it should be my last.
Well the only permanent feature in life is change
And the only permanent feature of my template I wish would be change..err customised change

Talk about judging a book by its cover, Do other bloggers care about templates and fonts? Sigh:( Am I too obsessed???
Well atleast let me change the profile pic today..

Mirror Mirror on the wall, which is the Best Blog Profile Pic amongst all? And reflects my personality to all?

1 ' 2 3 4' 5'


  1. In none of the picture I can see donkey....1 or 4 th. (4th look little wiser but no donkey ;))

    I also get bored with the same template, for me too it's change time but it won't happened until new year...

  2. yet to get a good donkey pic.. i would love the shrek donkee but i think there would be some copyright violation..

    btw amongst all the blogs, i like ur template i think the most.
    the pooh pic and the font and spacing..
    i like the white expanse ur blog seems to offer thru the right font size..
    just remember that if u decide to go for change :)

  3. Oh that template I created by myself. And thanks letting me know you liked the template.

  4. LOLOL I think I have a template addiction... LOLOL

  5. you are welcome third eye:) and a great job you have done:)

    pallavi, i loved the red colors u used,with the pic but it took time to load ur blog, since i had dial up:)

  6. had tried blogskins a zillion times...was obsessed once upon a time! now back to a good old template oferred by blogger..! that word can be used for blogger..gonnna try my hand at it:D

    sad o3 doesnt offer self coding:(


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