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Nov 8, 2005

Do U Know - India China 1962 war

India went beyond its own claim and the army was ordered to attack. Hit back, it resulted in the death of over 4000 soldiers of this country.

Unlike the other Do U Knows, its perhaps not factual. Not factual???? Well thats because on the net I got to read different versions over who “attacked“. I wont pretend to be an expert on this subject. I came across this news report. And it was contrary to what I believed had happened. The essense of this post is to draw attention to that report and yes, mourn the death of soldiers.

AngelzFear max spark got it right:)
A NDTV report says
  • In October 1962, 43 years ago, that a small group of jawans set out on Jawaharlal Nehru's orders to cross the river and throw out the Chinese from the towering Thagla Ridge that India claimed.
  • New Delhi insisted that the MacMahon Line drawn by the British in 1914 was the Sino-Indian border in the east – a claim China rejected as a legacy forced on them by the British. But near Tawang in eastern Arunachal, India went beyond its own claim line.
  • Here, India also claimed the Thagla Ridge on the Chinese side of the MacMahon Line and occupied Khinzemane, also across the MacMahon Line where the Dalai Lama entered India when he fled from Tibet in 1959.
  • The last straw was when Nehru ordered the army to take up defences on the Namka Chu and then attack the Chinese on the Thagla Ridge beyond.
But perhaps these links offer a different versions
Bharat Rakshak
Hindustan times

Does it matter who attacked whom?
Does it matter if India went beyond its own claim?
Does it matter if its China and not Pakistan?

Well I know what definitely matters, over 4000 soldiers dead and the lives of over 4000 families changed forever.

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  3. So many stories hard to believe which one is right but at the end India lost that war I think.

  4. hey ,
    read a few of ur posts in the reln ws really thought provoking..
    u have sme vry wise viewpoints..
    wud chk out ur posts mre often

  5. third eye... well true..

    ll thanks :)

  6. u r right, being attacked or attacking doesn't matter, but the 4000 brave lives that were lost in this process certainly should....

    though sadly, they don't....

  7. well i am not saying who attacked first doesnt matter..

    after all if China attacked us, then I dont know how NDTV could say what it did. And if we attacked, then the history books should be corrected..

    of course.. the war has history and its not just one attack..and sometimes one can attack to defend.

    but its just that these websites seem to offer very different versions and not just viewpoints.

    and i think the country should ask whoose mistake it was that resulted in death of over 4000 soldiers though perhaps the answer to that is very obvious.

  8. Oh! It does matter who attacked. And our government owes an apology to our soldiers. Maybe the reason why it keeps so many of our citizens illiterate is because our blundering politicians and freaks with power want us to stay misinformed.

  9. sloganmurugan,my thoughts exactly.


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