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Nov 29, 2005

Reach for the Remote

I reach for the remote when I see on TV

1.Uma Bharati.
Now she is in, now she is out. Its pointless for me to keep score.

2.Mahesh Bhatt on some panel
I know what he is going to say.

3.A star talking about the "difference" in the latest movie
Oh yeah, so instead of songs in New Zealand its Greece

I can watch after 2 years and still will know the story, why waste time watching it now.

Raymond and few others are fun. The rest are either stupid, sleazy or shrill.

6.Cookery Shows
Some recipes should come with the warning : This is being done by professionals, dont try this at home.
And since I never know which ones are supposed to have the warning, avoid them.

7.Countdown Shows
I used to watch them loooong ago, but then now think its pointless, and why get worked up over your favourite being at number two, when two years from now, you wouldnt remember it.

8.Party coverage
Not political party, the social kind. Huh invariably all are going to say "I am having a great time". And my idea of great time is not watching someone say "Having a great time" 50 times a week.

9.Weird "Godmen" news
A new one every month.

10.Stammering VJs or Stuttering and Smug News Anchors or Shrill Reporters
I just cant stand it. I can atleast understand VJs who just stand around talking stupid stuff and trying to act cool and cute, but why do TV Anchors go.. huh, wittth etc. And its so irritating when they put on a smug face when talking about others. OK the reporters have, distracting sounds, but even when they dont have to, they tend to be shrill (even NDTV) and I want to say, calm down, calm down to them.

Oh plz

No thank you I dont want to become taller, lose weight painlessly and quickly, whiten my tooth or solve all my problems through a machine.

The result, I end up watching the weather reports.

So when do you reach for the remote?


  1. hahaha!!Gaya! can say all this led me to almost stop watching tv:P

    its like i see the very reasons why i dont watch tv..the same for u to reach the remote!

    add to the list we have some irritating game shows.!

    the only thing i catch is the news a bit of nat geo n disc:)_


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