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Nov 24, 2005

I will be dumping you

Wrote this last week in O3 but due to net probs, couldnt post it here.
Muse : Aaw dont be disappointed that people didnt blog about maternal mortality today. If you are really keen, here are some tips to get maternal mortality attention

1.Ask Ekta to write a serial, Kyunki Maa Mar Gayi Thi

2.Ask Mallika Sherawat to write Every minute, Everday, a woman dies due to childbirth in the world on her bare back.

3.Spread a rumour that Saurav Ganguly told Greg that ever since he heard A woman dies every 5 minutes in India due to childbirth, he loses concentration every 5 minutes. (Saurav may be out of team, but still is not out of talk)

4.Spread a rumour that it will be asked in Kaun Banega Crorepathi - 2

5.Spread a rumour that Osama is behind the deaths. Maybe Bush would care. And when Bush cares, the world starts caring.

Self goes away sulking
And Muse starts singing

Everytime week I post
A Do U Know post
Going crazy almost
On what I hate the most
I will be dumping you

Every single day
About them you think all day
Will it make bloggers sway
That wont happen no way
I will be dumping you

Oh cant you see
The posts are no glee
How my poor heart aches
With these posts I make

The difference Self dreams
Through this series scheme
Is just a boring scream
And she sulks and screams
I will be dumping you

After answer each week, response she thinks disgrace
She asks why when the truth she cant face
Look all around, something light embrace
I keep crying baby, baby, please...

Oh cant you see
Its so boring please
How my poor heart aches
with every post I make

Issues no one cares
That aint my problem,its theirs
Cricket team we care
Or when starlets bare
I will be dumping you

These points Self makes today
Will be forgotten next day
I will be dumping you

I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you
I will be dumping you

Post no.
well due to net problem had to cancel the do u know this week. dunno how much of that was due to muse singing dumping you..


  1. huh funny but is this a goodbye song :)

  2. no i posted it last week:D
    i have posted today the black cat story. but in blogger i posted the black cat first and then remembered to add this post:D

  3. A parody on "Every breath you take" huh? Verrrrrrrrry cool :). Loved your Black Cat post too :).

  4. hehhehe:P....was a nice read:D the subtle sarcasm ruled:)


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