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Nov 28, 2005

Puma huh

Got this from

What Is Your Animal Personality?

brought to you by Quizilla

  • Reserved : Well yeah right
  • overly-critical : Aargh, thats true
  • sometimes a bit on the cranky side : Absolutely
  • you know where your place is : Yeah, but it doesnt help when you are a Leo and tend to think the world revolves around you.
  • dont bother impressing people : Simply because being true to yourself and being sincere scores :)
  • you have few friends : Very true
  • but lot or respect from others as well : Dont know, but better be true:D
  • people see you as mysterious : No disagree
  • because you dont enjoy opening up to others : I dont open up to others, because others wont enjoy it, and I care for humanity..

But still not bad test I guess

Asked hubby to take the test, he is a bear:)
Asked him to guess which one I would be, and he got it right immediately.
Seems the reserved and cranky, were big clues along with mysterious(!).

The Options are : Badger, Horse, Wolf, Bear, Coguar(Puma), Otter, Crow


  1. Mine says:
    "The Otter. Fun-loving and a bit of a rebel. You are always trying to find something to keep yourself and others around you smiling. Playful and slightly think-headed, you may get yourself into trouble often, but you usually always have good intentions. You're hard to resist, what can I say."

    Otter?? Doesn't sound nice. Puma does, very much :-D. Maybe its the Leo in me speaking :-D. Anyways, most of it is applicable, but mummmy, I am NOT thick-headed {pouts} :(.

  2. well i think the "You are always trying to find something to keep yourself and others around you smiling" fits you (though i may not know you well.

    the thickheaded no!! (or is think-headed??)

    thats just a lie to keep others from getting jealous of u:)

  3. Here's mine: "The horse. Caring, free-spirited and full of compassion. You are well-loved for all the right reasons. You enjoy the company of others & try to keep them happy, making you a 1st class friend. You want a warm place to call home, but you always have the urge to escape"

    Well, its true to the last word....must say this is one of the better quizzes i've taken.


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