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Nov 24, 2005

Pilgrim - Black Cat

Long long ago, a sage used to worship an idol under a banyan tree in a village.
One day a black cat appeared in that area. And much to the sage's distress, it tried to drink the milk before he could offer it to God.
He had to shoo it away frequently, and thus was unable to concentrate on his prayers.

Therefore from the next day, before starting his prayers, he would search for the cat, tie it to a nearby tree and then start praying.
And release the cat after finishing his prayers.

After his death, the villagers decided to continue the worship of the idol.
And some laters, even a temple was built for the idol.

But every morning the villagers would not begin the prayers before searching for a black cat and tying it the nearby tree. And if they couldnt find a black cat to tie, the temple would remain closed on that day.

One day a little girl took pity on the tied, mewing cat and offered it milk from her house. She got a thrashing from her parents for offering milk to the cat, before the prayers could be completed at the temple. But I think, atlast, God drank the milk, which the devotees wanted to offer.

Whenever there is a custom I have to follow, I think of this story. The credit for the first part of the story, goes to my mother, and I just added my own version to it:)

Pilgrim is a new series.
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  1. new series ! n an interestin 1 :) says a lot without saying anything
    but when u say "I just added my own version to it" which part of it is true n which part fiction ?

  2. the original story went that a cat used to disturb and therefore was tied to tree. the relatives later searched for a cat tied it and then started worship..

    the cat being God and the child giving milk etc, my part:)

  3. hey that was not fair... the true story throws a image of them being impeccable fools. but ur addition changes it to mean , senseless idiots .. uhh which i think is kinda true ;) - but hey if it aint happened u got no right . u wldnt want a war b/w atheists n believers on ur blog, wld u ? :)

  4. hey this is not fair vyuha, how do u know the first part is true??

    couple of centuries later, someone could discover this blog and believe the 2nd part too to be true:D

    anyway this new series is just about my thoughts on spirituality, religion etc. its just my opinion thats all.

    not sayin i have a hotline to God:)

  5. Gaya: missed out on all ur posts:-s..was away from bloggign for sometime..wd glance at them for a few mins dint get timet o go thru them i have so here me cmting:P

    it's interesting how customs are followed...they are followed by ppl tho they are nto reallymeatn to be that way!

    i loved the turn u gave to the story...


  6. and which is the girl who gave the milk ... got thrashed ....

  7. taking it further how do u feel abt women being polluters, say in Satvic Hinduism, out to molest Sanyasis ...where is the cat there and the milk ...

  8. akrami, to each one their interpretations..


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