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Jan 25, 2005

8 things you could have said but didnt

To many, today, your birthday, might just represent a holiday.Or the smiling face on the currency. I dont think you were perfect, who is ? To me, you represent the belief that the path is as important as the goal.
When 22 policemen were done to death, in Chauri Chaura, I can think of 8 things u could have said :

  1. I didnt do it, so i am not responsible

  2. My followers didnt do it . Its a frame

  3. My followers were provoked

  4. 22 lives. what about the millions of Indian lives!

  5. Goal justifies the attimes unfortunate Path we have to follow

  6. They were policemen, its similar to killing a soldier in war

  7. They weren't civilians leave alone children

  8. Appoint a committee

But you decided to call off the Non Cooperation Movement itself!
Hope that I discover your spirit in me, everyday, and not just on your birthday.

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  1. Wow, that is so true, of Mahatma Gandhi. I am not a big fan, but whenevr I happen to read something of this sort, it makes me realize that I need to re-examine his relevance to me,
    By the way thanks for all your comments. Will get down to reading Golden Gate, though I am not a big fan of verse.
    As far as Dan Brown is concerned, he has written a slick little novel, but Is till don't think it deserves the hype and the recognition it got. I mean there was a time, when everybody seemed to be reading it. Its not that great. He was really shrewd giivng it that controversial christian angle. That hook really turned things in his favor. For me the book remains a let-down, partly because of the way it written, and partly because of all the hype, and my high expectations.

  2. well this happens to be one of my favourite posts, since, and it did get a good response even from those who dont care much for Gandhi.

    when i wanted to write on Gandhi jayanthi, i just thought what made me a big fan of this man, and this really did stand out.

    every terrorist is a freedom fighter to someone. but these principles of Gandhi makes a freedom fighter, respected by everyone.


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