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Jan 26, 2005

Cookbooks are Hot

Muse : Yestereday you described yourself as a stay at home blogger. What happened to your plan of writing a book and making money?

Self : You forgot the Nobel prize for Literature part. Well I started on writing a book, then I remembered the first page generally is for dedications and I started writing on whom I owe what and the list is still on. I dont want to offend anyone

Muse : Skip it. First become successful then write on whom you owe it to. Have you decided on the topic of the book ?

Self : How about on issues

Muse : Thats what blogs are for. Do you think anyone is going to buy a book about issues

Self : How about religion. Its a hot topic now

Muse : Again I can't imagine people paying to read about it. And since I am familiar with your stuff, more people will burn your book than read it. You might earn some fame but no money.

Self : Uh what about romance

Muse : You never read romance. Thought you hated Mills and Boons

Self : Well I thought I am romantic so why read books on romance.

Muse : Hmmm you might say this on record and then people will think the same about your book. No one would want to think of themselves as unromantic. Something else. How about law?
Self : Well I can't write Grisham stuff (btw can you check with Grisham's Muse and find out why Grisham himself is not writing Grisham stuff?). If I write legal stories based on Indian courts, it will be more about endless adjournments.

Muse : Never mind law. Crime?

Self : hmmm crime pays huh. But again I will write about endless adjournments. After all the story shouldnt end with the criminal being caught. In reality its those who complain or become a witness who get caught in the legal web for a long time. How about erotic stuff

Muse : Who reads it when you get to see it on music channels for free?

Self : hmmm what about a family drama novel

Muse : Same reason, enough of it on tv soaps.

Self : Well what about humour. I cant find anything humourous on tv and people do need a laugh.

Muse : I agree but I and the other bloggers dont understand your sense of humour. No think of what people want to read.Self : Well I am not well versed in any technical aspect.

Muse : No I meant how about a book on food

Self : But one doesnt get Nobel for Literature by writing that

Muse : True but still lot of money in it. Last year alone 24000 New Cookbooks were published.

Self : hmmm what a coincidence 24000 people die everyday from hunger, thehungersite mentioned it.

Muse : Please no issues and if you are writing a cookbook please Dont talk about the health angle too.

Self : Oh I will try but who reads cookbooks?

Muse : Well who has time to learn cooking. Only after you start a career and move away from home and get tired of the tasteless expensive stuff available outside, do you think of learning cooking. TV might have endless programmes on it but who has the patience to record it and view it before cooking. And people dont have time to take printouts from websites . Cookbooks are the best.

Self : hmmm Muse if I have to write on cooking, I would need your help

Muse : Of course do you think people who send recipes to magazines and websites or write cookbooks ever try it themselves. Its always pure Muse stuff. The only thing we omit is "all recipes are fictional and are products of author's imagination and any resemblance to actual food is entirely coincidental."

And the first thing to plan when you want to write a book, is the bookcover not the dedication list. Get a gorgeous model on the bookcover. Some would think, even if the recipes don't turn out good, atleast the cover looks good, and buy; while others might think, perhaps if I tried these recipes, I will look like this model and buy.

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