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Jan 26, 2005

Right to Life for the Wife

A woman has legal recourse if she is abused by her husband or her inlaws. But a woman doesnt have the right to protest against rape by her husband And doesnt have the right to insist on condomns in this age of HIV+ This is not an Indian Women's Issue, but an Indian Issue.

The right to life, for the wife

Dont I have the right to life?
I ask you, says the wife

Unprotected sex is high risk,
Unprotected oral sex is medium risk,
Is my life, asks the wife,
To you all, worth this risk?

Even animals have people protesting against their slaughter
Why does no one think of me as their daughter.
Lets talk about right to safe sex
This issue is not just for chromosome xx

I have to go through this Everyday
Do something for me atleat Today
December 1st, World AIDS Day.

Published on 1st December 2004 in O3


  1. Who said women doesnt have the right to protest against rape by her husband. Any intercourse or sexual approach without the womans consent is considered as rape. At least thats what I have read.

    Its ur life. U take the action.
    I am not saying that there arent women who cant protest. Nor is this a gender specific argument. The final decision is upto u 2 stand up 2 the guy or not. No matter how much we help u unless u help urslf, its of no use.

    Animals dont have voice to protest.

    And commenting here is such a pain. Do we always have to 'word verify' when we comment. In that respect, O3 is far better.

  2. Alreay marriage is so boring for a man cause of Radical rules feminist have got in... Now with some new rule it will be a sin to even to sex... C'Mon... Such a pack of boring people ..these feminist..

  3. my comment in o3, to konfusd, who is the annon Dec 01, 11:30:56 AM 2005
    marital rape is NOT a crime in India, even though more htan Decade ago we had agreed to make it one.

    i got ur comment, (i get email copy of all comments)
    i could turn the verification off,but spam is a pain:)
    o3 might be faster, but it can delete blogs too, (the right to life, was deleted last year by o3 during mass deletions)

    u can check

    and comment here.

    annon2, perhaps you dont know the difference between sex and rape?

  4. my heart almost skipped a many beats when i read your post...

    This is something not many people would have known...

    Will post entire poem & link to this post on my blog... i cant wait for your permission for that...


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