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Jan 26, 2005

Happy BirthdayMIL

Muse : Hi you look very happy today, your birthday?
Self : Not my birthday, my mother in law's birthday

Muse : Must be special lady,
Self : Well in today's world, how many think of their Daughters in Law as their Daughter
Muse : She doesnt have a daughter of her own?
Self : No.She has an adorable daughter
Muse : Hmmm, so anything special about you?
Self : Not at all. In fact my cosister is a better bahu than me,but she treats the 3 of us as equals.
Muse : Did she have a fantastic mother in law
Self : Unfortunately no, life had not been kind to her.

Muse : Yes I got to admit that it is interesting
Self : And what more, she expects her son to be a son to my parents. When my younger sister was going to get married, the first thing she said to my husband was that he must get involved in the wedding as a son.
Muse : Now that is something, there are many women who crib their daughter in law doesnt treat them as a mother, yet when it comes to their son..
Self : Exactly

Muse : So you never have problems
Self : Who doesnt have problems, but if I have a problem,she will be the first person to know it. Sometimes its even before I know about it.
Some years ago, I was alone with them and working. I came home tired and took rest saying I was having a mild headache. Most mother in laws would just view it as an excuse for being lazy. But inspite of my protests,she dragged me to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a far more severe illness and according to the doctor if I had come the next day, my chances of survival itself would have been in question.
Muse : Wow. What about the other family members, planning to come up with posts on them too.
Self : All I want to say is if there is any goodness, kindness in me, I owe it to every member in my family. But I wouldnt be writing about them because I dont think they will be comfortable with it. I am
writing about my mother in law because, she can be a source of inspiration to many. Life was not good to her, yet, she didnt become cynical or change any of the goodness in her. Instead of getting even with people and miseries in life, she chooses to be good and gets ahead.

Muse : So whats the gift you are going to give her
Self : Unfortunately I am not with her at the moment, and I could just talk with her over phone. Amazingly, she thinks thats enough of a telling her "Happy Birthday " and talking with her for some time.
Muse : Mother
Self : Yes Mother a who loves without expectation. MIL, Mother in Love

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  1. Its indeed touching.

    But, You presumed it again. That it must be a rarity for me. No!!! it sounded like my elder bhabhi talking to her friend about her MIL. Like she always does.

    Thanks for considering me worthy to read this. I am sure you were confident that I would be touched.
    Well I am. And I got a feeling that you must also have felt that I would have emotions too. (Esp after reading my blog):)

    Though my story is slightly different but I am happy for the health of the relation and the right understanding.

    God Bless!!!

  2. Hi D,

    I came from Jinesh' blog, u can check my blog too to know that I am also in the same boat as Jinesh(my wife framing false criminal case against me and my family).

    Well my mom did look for a daughter in my wife, and treated her as one too(like Jinesh's mom did/does). But I guess for a mosquito the object of attraction in a cows udder is still blood, not milk!. So its ones own charecter which makes a difference in any relationship- and there are some girls who are fixated with 'blood' like the mosquito, and those are the ones who trampled our lives. We know women with charecter exist, but we are shouting about the ones who do not- and seek to amend the laws which give the brahmasthra in their hands. We seek to be force of correction of laws and attitudes, not instruments for bad mouthing women.

  3. a warrant was issued against the President of India a few years back.
    that didnt mean, we shouldnt have the system of warrants.

    the process needs to rectified. not the law, in this case.

    i am really sorry to hear about the personal lives. my sorry is perhaps meaningless to you.

    hate never helps. the blog in question makes fun of marital rape, and i just found it sickeningly insensitive, to anything related to women.

    it would be nice if you could show the courtesy you show here, in the blogs when talking about women.


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