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Jan 26, 2005


Well there are 12 zodiac signs whats the big deal about Leos. Well there are many animals , why is the Lion the King of jungle?

The pride and joy of being a Leo
Well there is a satisfaction in associating yourself with a sign like Leo. You want to throw up your head high in the air and say aaaaaaaaah I was born to rule. I can't imagine a Libran being able to say that. Sure you have balanced views etc, but what can be more exhilirating than power ?
Leos are probably creative (or like me like to think they are creative) and ambitious (well if you are associated with power what else will you be?) And proud. Well why not.

But I am sure there is one thing that puzzles Leos. Why there are other Leos. After all, why so many rulers? Leo bonding? Well hmmm tough to say. They will support a fellow Leo, but cant imagine them being comfortable for long with each other. And Leos of the opposite sex, together? Ha just watch the sparks. Of course other than agreeing on what fabulous people Leos are, I can't imagine two Leos agreeing on anything else.

Leos love being dramatic and being in control. If they were fast bowlers they would aim mainly to get the batsman bowled. Not some lbw or a slip catch and to rely on the umpire and the fielders.Nedstat Basic - Free web site statistics

What Leos wear. Its easy to spot a Leo besides their emotional characteristics. Leos feel its their duty to dress dramatically. Not differently please. They wont be eccentric, but just dramatic. If Leo has to wear just a bit of black they will make sure every bit they wear is black. In weddings they will be most dressed person or just plain and say they dont believe in dressing up. Dont worry about spotting Leos, Leos think its their duty to make it easy for others to spot them.

And its tough being a Leo. They need people (to appreciate and cherish them). But other Leos won't do that to them all the time, and if in company of superiors(?) or equals (?) its tough and barely tolerable and though they love appreciation, hate the weak and meek too. And I suppose other zodiacs will say its tougher for them to deal with Leos.

So some tips on dealing with Leos
Leo Spouse
Leos like to have the final word. Leos are like fast bowlers. And as Gavaskar said let the fast bowlers dominate for the first one hour and then you can dominate them for the day. So its ok if you give in to them. The Leo will always believe that if you give in, it is because of their power of arguement and that for some unknown reason they are always wise and right. Let them have the final say, the lion becomes a content cat. But go on arguing only at your own peril.(unless you are also another Leo). Don't forget to ask their opinion frequently and if you disagree with their taste, compliment them on their fantastic taste and mention that everyone thinks the Leo spouse has a fantastic taste, and just when they swell up in pride, mention, you since you are a non-Leo, you don't have the confidence to carry it
of, or not comfortable with the choice etc. They will tend to agree. After all they are magnanimous, aren't they. And if its a Leo male remember his birthday, if its a female remember the day you met, the day you got engaged, the day she first spoke to you etc. Or better instead of good morning greet her everyday with "Happy Returns of the Day".She won't be offended even if she cant think of a reason for this greeting. For that matter Leo males will be equally impressed with this strategy. And irrespective of what the Leos buy for themselves, they will always approve/buy better stuff for their spouse, never foget the generousity card.(provided the spouse follows the rules and Appreciates). Unfortunately the generousity card can be misused by others with a hardluck sob story, so hold on tightly to the purse strings by Appreciating Leos for trusting you to make the decisions)

Leo Employees
Leos like being the boss. Even if they are not the boss, they will think they are the real boss and will soon become the boss. So if you are boss to Leos, well, watch out they will aim to be Your boss while other signs might just aim for your position. And HR dept should love them especially those in low salary paying companies. Salary is not everything. Give a fancy title, tell them they are the world, the company needs them and dont forget to give them the Employee of the Year award every year.And you will have a loyal lion until another HR reads this blog and uses this technique to snatch your Leo.

Leo Boss
Well its a repetition. But still for those employees who have been getting on the wrong side of their boss, dont forget to compliment them. Hmmm dont think a Leo cant distingush between compliments and flattery. But generally though they have a good memory they can be forgiving and the tempers do cool down after a while. And really I dont know what anyone can say against a Leo Boss. They are just doing what they were born to do.

Leo Colleagues
Well its a combination of above and if you want them to do something just tell them you dont know how to do it and pretend to not understand instructions if they tell you. Ha! How Leos love showing off that they alone can do certain things.

Leo Child
Parenting Leo children can be tough. Appeal to the sense of responsibility and just be careful . When they grow a bit older they will start behaving like your parents. And it you have more than one Leo child, I will pray for your family peace.

Leo Parents
If both your parents are Leo, unless you are a Leo, hostel would better. (Unless you find a Leo hostel warden there).And if one of your parent is Leo, just hmmm butter up to that parent and you will get everything you want and more.

If you notice, I will never mention how Leos should deal with others. Simply because, they don't believe in dealing with other signs, just leading them :)

Leos are courageous too, but I can't imagine a Leo fighting a war if there were no medals.

Above all Leos love a laugh, though not always at themselves : )

Disclaimer : All of the above statements regarding Leos are fictional and any resemblance to Leos (and that this blogger happens to be a Leo) is purely coincidental. But if other bloggers agree with it, I will say Thanks :) and will think Of course I knew. I am always right.

PS : If you want to post comments on Leos please don't forget that its Leo with a capital L. Leos notice these thingsStatCounter - Free Web Tracker and Counter



  1. Wow loved the whole thing :-D After all I love being a Leo and am agreeing that Leos are the greatest ;-)

    Deeps :))

  2. Wow.. that was fun! I could relate with everything, especially the last part, "Leos notice the L"

    Thanks donkey!

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  5. I ain't gon even lie. The Leos are a something for you. ESpecially leo females. They make the best lovers and spouses. They are extremely fun to be around. They won't kiss no one butt. they dont back down from no fights. they can make certain signs crazy for them (cancer especially. men (like cancer) can not keep up with these women. men love leo women they are so strong and bold and independent. this sign stands out the most. signs like capricorn, pisces,cancer,virgo, and libra especially should not compete with the leo female, especially for men. you are no competition to these females. men will look right over you to them. when the step in the room all eyes on them. they truly make the zodiac.

  6. help me !!! I am a LEO female who married a Scorpio male. he just doesn't get it!! he keeps throwing spears and puting out my fire. I should have known better Is there anyone out there that will help me to shine like the star that i am

  7. hmmm i dont know who will complain more about this relationship the scorp or the leo:)
    leos have a funny way of irritating the scorps.
    and the looooooooong memory of the scorp or the stinging sarcastic comments isnt going to help the leo who craves for appreciation or acceptance.

    accept the person for what he is. ther is no such thing as the ideal spouse. rather than hopin for the best, just make the best out of the situation and grab a men are from mars women are from venus book:)

    wish you the best:)

  8. al the best to you ? spam?

  9. hehehe, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this. and we Leos are proud of our faults, too. you should add that. haha ;-)

  10. ananth YES:)
    can u imagine any other zodiac, being pleased with being generalised as lazy arrogant etc:D


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