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Jan 25, 2005

Thankfully no one reads this blog

Self : "Er .."

Muse : "What a weak post reg Singh and kids birthday parties. "

Self : "Well no one reads it. Who cares what I post?"

Muse : "And then posting M.Moore's email. Didn't know that those in India got to vote in U.S prez elections."

Self : "Well, I just couldn't resist it. Its a feel good thing. For all the stuff , americans seem to have, they don't have a good President. And it can be also viewed as a warning. What happens when we don't vote properly. What if Laloo Yadav or Murli Manohar Joshi or Arjun Singh become our prime minister. But seriously, since Bush makes decisions for the world, it wouldn't be a bad idea if the entire world voted in US Presidential elections."

Muse : "Well there are others who had read your other posts in other blogs. What will those who respect your views on issues think. Won't you be letting them down. What happened to the prize winning writer. Will you be able to put this post along with your other paid and published short stories? Is it because you aren't being paid, the issue here? Or is it the lack of audience? That should not be an excuse. What if Sachin decided to play poorly, in a Ranji match, just because no one comes to watch it? "

Self : "I had never said anywhere that I am a good writer. I write not because I am good at it . But because I love to. "

Muse : "Well , if thats the way you want it, then fine. Thankfully no one visits this blog. "

(posted in o3 earlier)

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