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Jan 25, 2005

Token Posts

Shortly after Joshi assumed office in March 1995, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray had made it clear that the Chief Minister would act on the commands served by his metaphorical "remote control". But no one made a big deal out of it..
But many still can't get over the Sphinx being in Command.
Sure the Prime Minister post is different from that of Chief Minister, but are there any other reasons behind it ??
1. Well, its interesting to think to talk abt. Who wants to to read or listen re issues like poverty , unemployment etc..
2.BJP is doing what the Congress would do.
3.There is a big difference, because she is a “ foreigner“ even if the fools who voted didnt realise it.
4.Woman controlling men?? (Amma had kept a token CM Paneerselvam but Amma wasn't a foreigner)
5.What if Rajiv had done a Laloo over Bofors, would it have been a big deal, if Sonia had become a token PM?

PS : Any blog post without comments are just in my opinion token posts. If you can't post comments,(since some site maintainence seems to be going on) email and I will post them as part of this post. (unless requested, wont be mentioning the email ids of those who comment. but if u do have a blog, do mention , i will mention link)
PPS : Since the comments form has started working, posting the email recd as comment.

posted on Monday, October 11, 2004 11:33 AM

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