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Jan 26, 2005

Birthdays are Important Mr.Singh

I stared at my monitor stunned. What next I wondered, Bush saying Kerry was great in Vietnam? I am of course referring to the article in which our PM says he doesn't attach much importance to his birthday. Imagine, that from an Indian politician!

Birthdays are important not just for politicians but also to the ordinary citizens (the India Shining category. The others who voted, don't count much since they don't have access to internet and thus this blog, leave alone clean drinking water. (ok i know many who access this blog also have access to clean drinking water from their mineral water bottles only. but lets move on to the what i wanted to write about))

Ask any parent and they will tell how important birthdays are. Not their birthday, their little angel's birthday. Some parents approach it with a fervour and planning thats matched perhaps by only the organisers of international beauty pagents. Of course, commerce enters and there are organisers and budgets (who didnt know that).

A fashionable dress from a boutique is the start. (one neednt worry about not knowing the latest trends. The kid (sorry angel) would know . You are needed just to foot the bill. And then comes the cake. Gone are the days when it was just a chocolate cake. The shapes and colors are supposed to make a statement. And finally the gifts . If the uncles , grandparents have forgotten, its wise to give on their behalf. Or during their next visit, forget the little ones being polite to them. And each parent is supposed to give one gift and that does not include the dress or cake. return gifts too are to be bought for all the friends. And while choosing that, you are not supposed to repeat the last year gifts or copy a neighbour's good idea. Not unless, you want the child to be a social outcast. Many think an entertainer is essential. And that doesnt mean jokes or songs from
the parents. The invitation too is important. Though handwritten ones are ok. They have to be on preprinted cards. And never send invitations without consulting your child. The important thing is the invitations are for your sweetiepie's friends. Not your friends who have kids.

And thats not all. Important too are the birthday parties of the angel's friends. Preferably for each birthday party a new dress is required. The price for having a socially popular child can be high. And the dress would probably end up with a cake or an ice cream stain. And despite ads which claim that we have been finally liberated from dirt and stains, they do not seem to apply to children's clothes. And of course the gifts. There are best friends , good friends and close friends, and friends and many more category, epending on the child. And don't give similar gifts to all. And the same child who refuses to eat your best food, would be gorging on tasteless food of your neighbour.

Well what would be life here without birthdays. How many kids would care about Gandhiji, if 2nd October wasn't a holiday.

Birthdays are important for what they bring,
Happy Birthday, Mr.Singh.

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