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Jan 26, 2005

10 questions

You indulge in a sexual act, and your partner records it. Mobile phone is not the only way to do it, there are cameras which are as small as a bug.And not only just records it, but also puts it up on the net, and sends it to everyone you know. Or it could have been a third party who does it. Or you and or your partner could have been under the influence of drugs, or you would have agreed to the act, but not to the recording, or you could have agreed to the recording but not to the circulating.

What do you think should be the law in the following options

1.The person who agrees to the circulation irrespective of gender,is below 16 years and thus may not be able to comprehend the effects of the circulation.

And when a person is above 16 years :
2.If you and or your partner have agreed to the recording but not to the circulation,
3.If you and or your partner are not aware of the recording itself
4.If you and or your partner are aware of the recording and perhaps even the circulating is under the influence of drugs. (Would it make a difference if the drugs had been consumed without knowledge?) 
5.If the recording is circulated for reasons of malice
6.If the recording is circulated for reasons of commerical profit (with or without malice)
7.If you or your partner are threathened with circulation and its a
8.If you are above the age, but if the media decides to publicise it because of the sexual partners is a famous person (could be at home too)
b.the act took place in a public place
c.because of legal action which you or your partner intends to take against the person who circulates.
9.If people decide to see it because of lust factor
10.If people decide to see it because of curiousity factor because of the media or because they know you

When do you think the law of the land should step in, the above 10 cases
When do you think its ok for people to see it, even if there isnt a total consent .
Are you aware of the laws, relating to this.
Do you think media will be justified in publishing links which will enable free downloading of images?

 If all of the above are ok for guys, will it be also ok, if it is their sister or daughter who would be above 16 years of age. If you are a guy who has consented to the recording and circulation of a sexual act, but for some reason, you become temporarily unable to get an erection, and if the recording is circulated and you are being potrayed as Impotent, would you answer the above questions differently?

PS : While obscene need not involve just sexual acts, it can even be a recording of a person in a changing room, for convenince I have asked regarding sexual acts.


Rather than use just as the DPS school incident in the background please keep this too in mind :

 Jalgaon is a small but industrially prosperous town on the map of Maharashtra. On 24th June 94, the news flashed. Some hundred girls and married women had fallen prey to some local masterminds. How was it being done? The modus operandi was something like this
By cheating or by tricking the girl: She falls in the trap. Once she enters the trap, it closes around her and forces her to repeated acts. Unfortunately, it is not mere mechanical repetition for her!. All the more repulsive thing in the entire episode was the degradation of the word 'LOVE'. It was not an act of love! but 'acting'. The simple method used stepwise was --(1) Acquaintance. (2) meeting. (3) More meetings planned. (4) Filmy style assurance of love at first sight or a small variation was, taking advantage of the girl's economic difficulty
and trap her promising help. (5) Promise of marriage sometimes. (6) Coaxing her to meet privately in a hotel. (7) Challenging her to prove her love, or making her unconscious with drink. (8) Final act, for which, the stage was set with hidden camera's and peepholes. (9) Blackmailing her (and her family) to extort money with the help of those photos and films and threatening her of terminating the lives of her near and dear ones-brother-kids-husband, if she refused. (10) By the same technique using her further, forcing her to entertain friends or customers. (11) Forcing the victim to involve her friends-using her as a contact person. (12) Selling out and/or showing in parlours the video films of so-called one act.

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