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Jan 26, 2005

Force Against Fury

Just when one thinks one has read about everything that happened in 2004 and can move on to 2005, along comes the 5th largest earthquake in the century and the largest in the last 40 years. And the resultant tidal waves and the flooding have caused lots of destruction. And as I write this, the full extent of the calamity is not yet known.

What will be the news after a week. Will we just move on? Will this be just another addition to 2004?

When nature strikes, it doesnt discriminate does it? Probably relief help would be asked. To help we need not desert our day to day lifestyle, but lets not forget to support the ngos or government.

There are people out there who need us, lets not let them down.

Nature didnt distingush, why should we. We have seen the Fury of Nature, now is the time to display the Force of Human Compassion

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