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Jan 25, 2005

Hmmm in o3

After complaining about the comments and talking about Indian Penal Code Sections in my new legaleagle blog, I find that since yesterday afternoon, we cannot post comments. And for the O3 coders who are already grinding their teeth and breathing flames and wondering how they could salvage their weekend plans , (surely O3 is working on our problems and have not gone away for the weekend??), I have added a new blog Hmmm, which frankly, just adds to their woes.
Imagine a mother who after endless lullabies and stories, finally manages to convince her child to go to sleep (similar to the efforts O3 took. in creating a blogs section, so that we could share our views however stupid, for free, yes for free!!) and imagine a neighbour's child coming and waking the sleeping beauty (a post in legaleagle saying how irresponsible of Indiatimes to allow some comments) and when the mother fights the impulse to smack the neighbour's child and is singing a lullaby to her own angel, (figuring out why the bloggers are not able to post a comment) the neighbour's child smirks and goes heh heh heh (well thats what the hmmm blog is all about). I am sure some are going to wonder if I suffer from multile personality disorder..
Anyway the tagline to hmmm says H3, Humourous, Marvellous, Multidimensional Material to me and just hmmm to you. Check out and a pity you can't post a comment saying how funny and witty my new blog is ..
PS : The comments section has started working. So now no excuse for saying you couldnt post a comment on hmmm;)

posted on Saturday, October 09, 2004 5:08 PM

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