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Jan 25, 2005

Road Repairs

why do we find road repairs and traffic diversions, only when we are late for an appointment?
and just when you want to post comments, indiatimes, changes the layout,(so that means changing the fonts in all my posts, grrrrr) and for some unknown reason, not able to post comments too!!
and in true road repair style, can't find a message which says down for maintainence!!
ah after all thats the charm of India, and now Indiatimes..
Hoping that yesterday's post in legaleagle, and dashing off the email reg. comments doesnt have anything to do with not being able to post any comments today...(oh oh.)( hey dont flatter urself. who reads feedback emails?)
and like Sphinx Sonia, O3 remains silent...patience is required and by tommorrow all will be revealed
(or like the road repairs, “ the maintainence “ could be continued only after the weekend...;) hmmm
posted on Friday, October 08, 2004 4:14 PM

Road Repairs - 2 Khulja Sim Sim
Still couldn't post a comment today. I post a comment, it accepts and then the same screen comes back, but this time the the title, name and comments are in red. being optimistic , i continue for 5-6 times. And ,it seems to accept And then, back to the same screen,but none of the comments get posted. Is this the infinite endless loop the software fellas speak about? And my mind goes into a theory frenzy (like Saurav, wondering what he can tell the media at Bangalore).(of course the media too will be thinking of various theories, each expert in each column, would say something different)
hmmm. back to the comments posting, i can think about following :
O3 people have devised a password to Exculusively Enable the Enlightened to post comments and didnt include me in that list (oh !sobs sobs . and khulja sim sim also didnt work).
Or perhaps, its a protest against the India's performance in Bangalore, (surely not because they are too busy checking about Kumble's loop to attend to these problem? Nah)
Perhaps I should try it for the 7th time, how silly I will feel if someone manages on the 7th time.
Or perhaps I should post a comment with contents like, O3 people are hardworking smart angels. who deserve a paid vacation (after giving final touches to this blog editor) in jamaica (oops thats not the place to be in after the hurricane) hmm how about european tour or anywhere they want to go,with first class air tickets and a 25% hike in their pay, and a fully furnished big bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai , and anything they can think of.. (since i can't think of much at the moment).
Or it could be some departmental communications probs like for road repairs. Last week it was the EB, this week it would be the water, next week it would be road repairs, and just when u finally heave a sigh of relief, the telephone dept would start work. but somehow they would assume the road repairs would come and clean up... and PWD (road repairs )would say we did work there last week, and if we work again it would result in increased budget deficit for this year. we will do it next year... and so, we just put up with it...and say ok remove the diversion signs, and a few bigger moulds on the middle of the road wont make a big difference, compared to the earlier road. We just want to get to our destination faster. (So o3, we know you are doing all this to make blogging a better experience for us, but few ungrateful pigs like me would request you to revert back to the earlier version)
Anyone passing thru Indian roads will realise that roads are not meant for traffic only. But are business opportunity for dynamic entrepreneurs who offer a bargain for almost everything under the sun. (The air conditioned malls are not for shopping but for escaping the summer heat and looking cool. I think only terrified phonrens buy from them). Anyway, back to my point about these D.E what happens to them during road repairs?
I can atleast post blogs. But what about those who don't have blogs but merely post comments . What about those hmmm “commentors” or should it be “commentators” ? How will they derive fun from life (without making mine a misery?), and what about the attention they deserve? What will they do, which site will they visit?
Or perhaps (a sudden brainwave) - All those “ people” was just one. One indiatimes employee who is perhaps now its ex employee, who was posting the comments just to get us to post some comments in reply. And O3 felt that with that employee gone, no one is going to post a comment and its not important to let others comment. Hmmmmmmm (not likely.( I didn't mean the theory but the chance of this blog or any blog written by me, to be in the O3 featured list. If u want to read further posts, bookmark now!))
Well there is one advantage in knowing that this post wont receive comments, u can write anything..with none to point out the lack of logic and other stuff a blog is supposed to will try to enjoy this situation as much as i can..
Frankly, what is art, without audience? And whats the point of a blog, which one is not sure anyone has read? (Ok I havebeen made aware that at times comments are posted without reading the blog.But comments do count right. And how will I ever post a comment to other bloggers?)
And like those who pay exhorbitant amounts to watch a Wimbledon match, only to find rain (and no Kournikova ?) , and to add insult to the injury, find the cameras on them, - continue to wave and smile, as though it didnt matter, I continue to blog and even with the lack of comments
If anyone happens to stumble on this blog after the problem is rectified, they would wonder and perhaps ask why I made 2 posts out of a minor technical matter.
well the answer (well I have to go now, to think of an answer)
posted on Saturday, October 09, 2004 11:43 AM in O3

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