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Jan 25, 2005

Rage Fan Club

Dear Rage

You have lots of fans, your style is distinct. And though people like variety in blogs, they miss your ha ha ha ha has (huh is there any exact number?) Well I am sure some of your fans would know. Speaking of the number of fans, I think it will be easier to talk about who isn't your fan. To borrow your words, in the ocean of your fan club, there are few islands who aren't your fan.

Well you know I am not your fan. But lets not spoil your fan page by talking about my views on you. And yeah it doesnt mean I don't respect you or care about you.

You may not encounter mad dogs in O3. But having rage on your side helps especially when you want more hits to your blog to boost your ego. Of course rage can comment against your blog, but in the long run, why antagonise Rage and his fans? And O3 is filled with Rage fans.

Top Tips to get on Rage's good books

1. Mention you love Bangalore
2.Mention you hate Muslims, and they should be violently dealt with. Nuclear action against Pakistan Bangladesh and China also helps.
3.Mention all women are just after money and sex and you are willing to share your porn collection.
4.Mention you are a Pink Floyd fan
5.Mention you are a fan of Clinton/Vajpayee/Advani obviously don't mention you are a fan of Lewinsky,Dr.Singh,Sonia
6.Mention you hate techies/IT people
7.Mention you hate people from small towns who are jealous of others.
8.Mention you think Leos are the Best, (Using words like King etc have added advantage)
9.Mention you hate bloggers who hate rage & add that they disagree coz they don't want to face reality.
10. Dont mention all the above at once, and add the ha ha ha has. Rage will think you are trying to be him. Imitation is not the best form of flattery.

Rage ,I add pics to most of my posts & a fan page is incomplete without an image. Hope u like the pic and this too

When you read comments from rage against mad dogs
You wont be inclined to sleep like a log
O3.indiatimes is the stage
For comments from rage.
Many in duel engage
thru comments with rage.
never mind the war I wage
thats not important, in this age
Rage, take the centre stage
For your adoring fans this page.

PS : Some might wonder, why I would start a fan page for you, when I am not your fan. Well how many of our politicians really believe in the people they claim to follow ?

Poll : Popularity is the main criteria for a fan page, according to me. And from some of the blogger's comment, I thought that Rage is the most popular among all blogggers. Since I believe in democracy, starting a poll. Please vote for the blogger whoose's posts or comments you enjoy reading the most. Please note one need NOT agree, even if one enjoys. I know we enjoy our own comments. Self vote is not allowed :) And votes from regular bloggers only will be counted. :)

A fan page on Rage is not complete without Pink Floyd lyrics. I think this is your favourite one Rage :
Who are you and who am I
To say we know the reason why?
Some are born
Some men die
Beneath one infinite sky
There'll be war
There'll be peace
But everything one day will cease
All the iron turned to rust
All the proud men turned to dust
And so all things, time will mend
So this song will end
============Childhood's End: Pink Floyd

Poll Results : Rage : 2, Quetzal : 1 Gayathri : 5 Busybee : 6. Please mention only one blogger in your vote :)

YES THE WINNER IS BUSYBEE. I have already mentioned in the comments why I didnt make a fan page for her. And obviously it will be idiotic for me to make one for myself. If I have fans, I would be more flattered if they could recognise the spirit behind my blogging and try to keep it running, since I am stopping my funundersun now. The third in the poll is Rage and thats why the Rage Fan page. Of course all have not participated, but in my personal opinion, if more had participated, Busybee would have won by a bigger margin .


  1. ahem ahem!! Rage fan club??!! hmmmm..The guy who ragged me on my 1st blog...i wanted to run away from O3:|
    all i can say is Rage - u can hate him u can love him but u just can't ignore him

  2. Shilpa sorry to know on the treatment you received.

    well i have clearly mentioned that i am no fan of rage :)

    hmmm rage, i am sure you keep checking this page daily, what do u say to shilpa :D


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