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Jan 26, 2005

Dress of a Woman - Wise Donkey says

A wailmail, "I told my friend , if a woman wants a man to grab her, she dresses sexily. Don't you think I am right? "

To use a metaphor.If there is a window display, its to attract the shopper, it will not justify a shopper stealing the stuff, and saying it was done only because it is displayed. Display doesnt mean its available.

But if you think I am wrong, and go ahead, beware ,many women might know a karate kick. And I would gladly use that story too in my post.

Now please dont say I objectified women, or say they have a price etc, I dont think the dude would have understood it if I had said ghar mein ma bahen nahin hai kya.

Dude dont dare,
to judge women by what they wear,
or because they choose to bare.
you might be lucky to escape with a glare
or on top of her voice loudly at
you she will swear
or you might have to escape from her heels pair
or worse your garments she might tear
Or worst might just kick you hard there, beware
Or even worse, you might end up in prison care

If you think this is unfair
It applies to females in your family too, so dont despair

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