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Jan 25, 2005

Leo Bloggers

Regarding the suprising number of Leos on O3. Well if you have a caption which says Opinionated, Original and Outrageous where else would you expect the Leos to blog?
Leo Bloggers who postWell they like to think their posts are brilliant to say the least and expect their blog to featured on the blog page. Even if they write 10 posts on a particular day, they will expect all the 10 blogs to be featured and won't be happy or satisfied even if 9 blogs are featured.(Even if only 9 blogs are featured. And they are the author of all the 9, they will still believe O3 commited a blunder by not providing additional space for their 10th gem) They will expect it to appear on the indiatimes main page even if it means the editor has to forget about a scoop on Bush.(Bush doesn't count unless they write about him). And if their blog doesn't appear on the O3 list, they will write to TOI head and enquire if their employee has gone blind, or complain about favouritism or lack of standards, a conspiracy theory, ask if they can fill the vacancy etc. As I said they are creative, and in this too they will be creative. Other bloggers might get discouraged if their blog doesn't get featured. Not the Leo Bloggers, they will sulk and post a message saying they will quit. And if others reassure them on their worth, they will come back doubly charged with enthusiasm and will never give up blogging.
They post only for the world to agree, not disagree. Even if some might be stupid enough to disagree, they will post long explanations . And if the poor soul who criticised doesn't post a message saying I agree, they will pester that poor soul in other blogs and taunt them into either not posting comments anywhere or a “ yes I agree“ .
They keep copies or atleast a mental track of every blogger who has appreciated them and visit the blogger's blog to appreciate them even if they dont understand what the blogger is talking about. Don't forget they can be generous.
But if the blogger doesnt agree with them in the next blog, well, Shakespeare was wrong, hell has no fury like a Leo blogger scorned.
Some Leo bloggers do keep a printout of their blogs and pass it to their friends family etc. They also expect them to post a comment saying what a brilliant piece , I truly agree etc. If you are a non-Leo friend of a Leo blogger and dont know what to write in comments, ask the Leo blogger. They will understand you can be tonguetied and will help you out on the compliments.After all they receive compliments all the time, don't they. (If they dont deserve, its because of some conspiracy by the other 11 zodiacs).
Found a blog which seems to be constantly updated. Its bound to be a Leo blogger who has added a comma. And who also expects other bloggers to Notice that comma and Appreciate that comma.
Leo bloggers who commentWell they put in equal efforts while posting comments.
And they expect other bloggers to read and appreciate their comments not the post.
The best way to deal with them is to appreciate them for giving valuable insights. Then they will try to return the favour and be milder. Disagree with them, and you will find a comment longer than your post.
Already mentioned regarding their love for last word. If you want to increase your hits or want to have an impressive number of comments, just keep disagreeing with a Leo blogger.They will never ever give up, even if you stop replying to them and the entire blog world stops reading your blog, they will keep checking it to find out if you have finally agreed with them. And what better way to let your post last for eternity?
There can never be a Leo blogger who simply reads and doesn't comment. Understanding the post is not a prerequisite for posting their comments. Even if they have to fill 50 forms to register to post a single letter comment, they will do it. Its important for them, to let the others know they exist and that A Leo Blogger has honoured them by visiting their blog.
Never ever interupt a Leo blogger who is either posting a post or even a comment. Or complain about the telephone/internet bill. Even if you happen to be the Leo blogger's boss. (hmmm pseudo boss unless the boss is also a Leo). Leo bloggers believe that they are doing a service to the world by telling them what is right and wise . And believe that the blog world will collapse without them. And when you ask them to do something else, you are committing a crime against humanity.
Leo Bloggers will definitely check for reactions to their posts and comments more frequently than their emails or for that matter anything else.Non Leo Psychologists please dont start about compulsive behaviour disorder. Its done not because Leos are insecure, seek reassurance etc, but just because they value the contribution they make to the society and are conscious about their duty.
When one Leo blogger clashes with another Leo blogger, unless you are another Leo blogger, just keep away. Lions might fight amongst themselves but they dont approve of jackals who laugh at them either. And if there is anything worse than one Leo blogger attacking you, its more than one Leo blogger attacking you.
And if you want mercy from a Leo blogger do mention you are one of them. They do have a soft corner for other Leos, but just make sure they never know the truth, they can truly forgive anything except another zodiac pretending to be a Leo.
And if you have trouble with a Leo blogger, redirect them to this blog.(Don't tell me you dont can't identify them yet and there can never be a Leo blogger who fails to mention their zodiac even if they believe astrology is mumbo-jumbo). They will forget you for a while and spend their time, mentioning about the Leos or atleast reading this blog.
The 3 Os Leos definitely areLove to read/write abt selves even in blogsLimelight Leos love to hogThus lots of Leos on O3 blogs.
“Disclaimer : All of the above statements regarding Leos are fictional and any resemblance to Leos (and that this blogger happens to be a Leo) is purely coincidental. But if other bloggers agree with it, I will say “Thanks :) ” and will think “ Of course I knew. I am always right.“ And escape while you can, before I ask you about the points you agree and disagree.
PS : If you want to post comments on Leos please don't forget that its Leo with a capital L. Leos notice these things. This doesnt apply to Leos of course :)


  1. ahahhahahaha IM a leo blogger and im guilty as charged. im only admittin this becus ure a leo too :P haha.. this is funny

  2. :)) amazingly yet to find a Leo who disagreed or a person who knows a Leo and disagrees.
    Never knew Leos had such marked characteristics:D
    do check the Leo Post too:d

  3. Since you are a Leo, I have to compliment you on your wonderful post. You're too gud :))

    I expect some nice comments from you on my blog too (as I'm a Leo too and this is supposedly a Leo characteristic :-D)

    Deeps :)

  4. :)) Will definitely keep it mind Deeps


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