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Jan 25, 2005

Word is Out

have given up trying to explain what I do on the net. If I say chat, people immediately understand. Say homepage or website, some nod and perhaps pretend to understand. Say blog and they look at you as though you said a Greek word.
Its great to know that many Americans before the Elections also didnt know of the word and it was one of the most lookedup words on a dictionary site this year. Blog will be a new entry in the 2005 version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition it seems.
Well now that the Americans know what it means, hopefully, others will too. And when I say I am a Stay at Home Blogger , people will atleast understand what I do, though it might take a long time before bloggers are respected.
Does India need bloggers? Well absolutely according to me. Advent of multiple TV channels and websites doesnt mean we are getting more of the best. We may get what we want, but we dont get what we need. The essence of blogging is to write something eventhough you are not paid for it. How many of the opinions today are influenced by the advertisers. I once thought how nice it would be if I could blog and earn. Than I realised that if I wanted to earn,I would be writing about what the sponsors want me to write not what I want to write.
The other satisfaction of blogging is the comment feature. Even though there are many blogsites, I think bloggers prefer sites where there they get more feedback. So if anyone is reading this, do comment, we bloggers survive on comments. :)
And of course as any writer would agree, the best feature of blogging is -You are also the Editor. Aaah isnt that something!
Money, bloggers may not have Earned, But reputation they have now Earned. Well hurray, lets celebrate, now more people will know The Word.

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