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Jan 26, 2005


Muse : You just deleted another email from a friend without reading it..
Self : That was not an email, a forward
Muse : So??
Self : I dont read forwards and dislike forwards
Muse : Just because one might receive a wrong call, doesnt mean one doesnt answer the phone. If you dislike forwards, dont forward it to someone. But why not even read it.
Self : Just calculate the number of friends one has, and then multiply it with the n number for friends they would have and so on.. Everyday Everyminute I am sure someone in that link will be forwarding an email to another, and that will reach me. If I spend my time reading all of them...
Muse : But what if its important.
Self : Well those who know me, know I wouldnt open a forward and if its important, they can send it as an email.
Muse : Then how come you received one
Self : Well the person probably decided to forward it to everyone in address book. And so the forward has reached me too. And unfortunately the others in address book will now have my email id, even though I didnt give it to them , because of this practice of forwarding to everyone in the address book. And they will add me to their address book and next time there is a forward, will forward it to me too.
Muse : Well agree thats an disadvantage, but what if you are missing on the joke of the year, most beautiful picture of the century, etc.
Self : Well, its possible and I accept I might be missing out on something but I am not prepared to waddle through all the forwards I receive everyday for it.
Muse : Thats just an egoistic approach
Self : If thats your opinion, fine, but thats all it is.:)
Muse : Hmmm so this is going to be a blog post..
Self : Yes. I thought perhaps there would be others like me. But who hesitate to mention it to others and silently endure the forwards, even the ones which occupy most of the storage space immediately. Perhaps it would be reassuring to them to know that there are others out there who share their dislike of forwards.
Muse : Hmmm who knows one day even this could be forwarded by emailSelf : Possible, after all there are many who forward without reading :)

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