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Jan 26, 2005


"Stop being Childish. You are 30" my neighbour was saying when she opened the door to me. I was taken aback. But since she was looking at her younger daughter, who seemed to be sulking on the sofa, I realised she had probably addressed it to her 13 year old daughter and not to me and I had misheard the 30.

"Hi.Sit. Will be back with coffee" My neighbour said (to me this time) and darted into the kitchen. And I was sitting in her drawing room with her two daughters who were strangely silent. I raised my eyebrows to her other daughter who was 17 and she explained.

"Three days back, a relative Simi came to our house. Sis drew a potrait of Simi to show it to Mum. But Simi also saw the potrait and wanted it. When Sis was out of sight, Mum gave Simi the drawing. Sis got upset over it and refuses to show any of her drawings to Mum, Mum was trying to pacify Sis saying Simi will not be invited again. Sis then drew a drawing with her crayons and showed it to Mum. But sis had drawn only drawn the words "It was mine. U gave it away". Thats why Mum said stop being childish."

At this point the 13 year old broke her silence and said "I didnt say I didnt want Simi to come here. I just want my drawing back. And now Simi has taken it away. I would have given itto Simi, if Mum had asked me. But Mum didnt ask me before giving. Mum had no right to give it.The drawing was mine"

I hesitated then said, "But you wouldnt have been able to draw, if your Mum had not given you all the painting material and not encouraged you, and you drew it to show your Mum, and your Mum didnt give all your drawings. She just gave one away.  And she has in the past framed, some of your best drawings.Your Mum is very busy, try to ignore this."

But the little girl sulkily said  "It was mine"

Just then my friend entered with the two cups of hot coffee. And the girls left the room. As I sipped the hot coffee, I thought ,thankfully the problem isn't mine.

And then over the coffee pondered

What is mine
Doesn't everything belong to the divine.
If something is not with us due to design
Why be depressed and whine
Instead of accepting it and saying I am still fine
If only the ego's invitation we could decline
And ask ourself, What indeed is mine...

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