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Jan 26, 2005

Lessons from a Cat

Muse : Still numb,dumb,glum?
Self : Hi Muse. Yeah if all these deaths & destructions werent enough, I have to deal with an accusation in O3 about me giving information on Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for gaining attention and for making a comeback! And then it was me having multiple ids! I think the latest is me spreading rumours about who made the accusation!Even though I had clearly stated that I have respect for the opinion and willing to edit if anything, if it diverts attention from the cause.
Muse : All I have to say is look and learn from the cat.Saying this Muse disappeared and I went in search of a cat...

Well I looked at the neighbourhood cat and made the following observations.

I wondered who owned the cat. Irrespective of ownership, the cat seems to have an identity of its own
Independence is important

Watched the cat as it walked and also when it ran. The Elegance and the Control. Confidence seemed to ooze from it.
Appearances and the way one carries self does count.

3.Cats dont care to communicate or clarify
The cat caught my stare, but just stared back. Looking at it, I had no idea if it had just had its meal or yet to have it. Obviously the cat hadnt read self help books and other suggestions on communicate and clarify
Dont communicate and clarify unless it has a purpose.

4.Stiff upper lip
Would the cat be sad. Its easier to notice sadness in dogs, but a sad cat?
Don't discuss your problem with everyone. Everyone has problems of their own.

5.Self Esteem
Many would have heard the phrase "Stroke the dog, it thinks you are God, stroke the cat, it think its God". No I didnt go and stroke it. But the cat didnt look needy either. It seemed to think it was God, even when I didnt stroke it.
Dont let others determine, what you think of yourself.

6.Bad Omen
When a cat runs across your path. It would seem its a bad omen. But I doubt if it bothers the cat.
One cant please all the people, all the time. Concentrate on what you are and what you want to be

7.Landing on your feet
I watched the cat climb gracefully up, but when it had to jump down, it landed on its feet.
Even if there is a fall, the important thing is to not lose balance and control. Take the rise and fall, comfortably in your stride.

We love dogs. But somehow though I didnt even like the cat, I had to admit that I respected it.
Never aim for people to like you. You will just end up doing things which will make them like you. Instead, do what you like, even though people may not like you, they would respect you.

9.Love & Loyalty
Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend. Hmmm what about cats. They are not exactly enemies. I am sure the cat would be friendly to someone, it chooses. Dogs might have the "die without you attitude ". But cats I felt would be wiser.
Sure love, loyalty is important, but not at the cost of self. Relationships are important, but Self is more important.

I realised the cat was still staring at me. And I dont know if there are humans out there who can win a staring contest with cats. Well I couldn't. Hmmm I thought, did I get intimidated by a cat. A bark from a doberman is different, but hey the cat didnt even mew. Hmmm if it had mewed would I have been intimidated??
No wonder they say silence is golden.


  1. whoa dat is SOME lesson!! I luved it..nowonder women are like cats...

  2. :)) sugalicious well obviously because I havent learnt yet, wrote the post.and btw a guy in spaces thinks he is more like a cat, so doesnt have anythin with gender:)

  3. Hi did u come up with all the analysis yourself or is it a copy paste article?? If you did all the analysis must be a genius man....neways....certainly the post was gr8 one
    c ya

  4. Anglezfear its NOT a copy paste. my posts are never copy pastes.
    its true including the reason on it which i had mentioned on the post:D

    regarding the compliment thanks, but i am just another donkee who sometimes is wise :)

  5. Learn from the cat man,
    Its your blog write anything you want at o3..why clarify..let the dogs bark....One cant please all the people, all the time....Even if there is a fall, the important thing is to not lose balance and control. Take the rise and fall, comfortably in your stride.....Never aim for people to like you..if it is possible for you ( and if you don't feel that you would be going agianst your heart)....plz make a comeback at the would be an inspiration for us new entrants.

    PS : it is a copy paste comment :-p

  6. angelzfear:)
    well i replied in ur blog in detail. but for the record, i didnt stop bloggin in o3. i started 2 new blogs, wisedonkey on issues
    and a awareness blog in quiz format and did get very enthusiastic response to both:) and after making my point, stopped bloggin in o3:)

  7. Well I guess thats what I was arriving at when I was trying to elaborate the feline qualities... this makes it all the more transparent as to how I like to live my life... :)

  8. So, am I having the honor of commenting on one of your older posts?

    Sure, I am!

    You know, how old this post is? I probably didn't even know what a blog is at that time! :)

    And you know, cat is my favorite animal! Though, I'd not analyzed so much about them. I find them cute-looking, and especially like their sound. I also like that they're discreet. As compared to dogs they're agile. You'll never find a cat dying while crossing the road! :) And the best thing I like about them is they're curious!

    The height of my obsession with them was when in my native village, I would try to lure young kittens into believing I was a cat by imitating their sound! And no, this is not a very old thing! Maybe, when I was 15! Honestly even today, if I'm with my close friends, I would still try to imitate cat's sound! :) And sometimes I felt the kittens became more comfortable with me 'cuz my imitations! ;)

    After a lot of research in the area I had concluded that the mistake people make in understanding cat's sound is to think to be 'meow' But actually it can be best imitated by 'vyaaon'. Try it yourself someday. Your cat my enjoy it, too! :P

    I could see some similarities with what I wanted to convey through my recent comments on your 'proud Hindu' post and also in my post--'States of matter. State that matters'.

    You used to write as well even 4 years back as today. Of course, the other interpretation of which could be you've not at all improved in that many years! But being an intelligent cat... err wise donkey, you know which interpretation to choose, right? ;)


  9. when i re read the post, i had to wonder who had written it, you or me:D
    vyaaon ???will try it..

  10. Did you change the cat? This one has 'grown' younger, and is looking cuter!

    I can't help sounding 'girl'-y/childish when it comes to cats, you know!


  11. ketan i liked this pic better. since this post is part of my recycling list (the list on top left in the sidebar) i am revisiting the posts in those list, and editing the pics..

    actually i hated the earlier cat pic..and had wanted to change it earlier but had forgotten..


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