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Jan 25, 2005


the misc. posts that i made in my first blog in rediff, after the first post. And if you read them, you would understand the title:)
Saturday, September 04, 2004
About meI am glad i have to write this and not my friends or relatives. But unfortunately with blogs ,my near and dear can post their comments.And i will end up looking pretty silly if my mother posts a msg contrary to what i say about myself. Lets just say the topic is subjective. Posted by gayathri eswar on 06:37 PM
Saturday, September 11, 2004
Did U Know
Increasingly, chemicals in cosmetics, fragrances & cleaners are being blamed for a range of common office maladies, from headaches & dizziness to lethargy & loss of concentration. In offices where people are packed together & air conditioning takes the place of an open window, it is the chemicals in perfumes, deodrants, hairsprays & other personal products that are most often to blame. Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) syndrome is a catch all term that includes the sensitivity to manufactured fragrances . MCS has also been linked to dizziness, depression & hypertension.
The Canadian city of Halifax has become the first major center in North America to prohibit the wearing or all cosmetic fragrances - from Giorgio Armani to lavender soap - in most indoor public places, including municipal offices, libraries, hospitals, courts , classrooms & buses. Others like Santa Cruz in US, have implemented partial fragrance free policies.
source The Guardian newspaper.
Posted by gayathri eswar on 10:58 AM

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Re.Sweetnothings :" tho i know that am not worth saying that....... "hope u never use such words again. thanks again for the encouragement. but i am not as good as u make out to be.
Posted by gayathri eswar on 10:56 PM

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Insult : To the one who insults, they are like words written on sand & to the insulted, they are like words etched on a rock.
And words of encouragement or appreciation? Many a times, it can shape the receiver's future. And turn the rock, into a sculptor.
Words are powerful weapons..
PS : And so an encouraging comment always helps, in any blog
Posted by gayathri eswar on 10:22 PM

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"It isn't the great big pleasures that count the most; it's making a great deal out of the little ones."--Jean Webster.
Since busy with page design , just a quote. Wanted to talk about clutter, but since it was already mentioned posted it as comment on

Posted by gayathri eswar on 01:23 AM

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Tied Black Cat
Long long ago, an old sage used to worship an idol under a banyan tree. After his prayers, he used to offer milk to the idol. Suddenly one day, much to his distress, a black cat came in that area and, attempted to drink the milk, before he could offer it to God. Therefore, each morning before beginning his prayers, he would search for the cat, and tie it to a nearby tree. After his death, the nearby villagers decide to continue the worship of the idol and years later, even a temple was built.

But every morning the villagers would not begin the prayers before searching for a black cat and tying it the nearby tree. And if they couldnt find a black cat to tie, the temple would remain closed on that day.

PS : one day a girl took pity on the tied, mewing cat and offered it milk from her house. She got a thrashing from her parents for offering milk to the cat, before the prayers could be completed. But atlast, I think, God drank the milk, which the devotees wanted to offer .

Posted by gayathri eswar on 12:07 PM

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Thanks for the encouraging words. Guess muse back from weekend vacation(!). its original but more importantly it comes from the heart. If i start writing about few stuff from my life, it will be another tear jerker soap. and therefore i prefer to write about what inspires me to keep smiling. and similar stuff u can find in my short stories (they r short, dont worry. or u can always read the last lines) which i think is my best and thru which i could raise money for an ngo from Bihar.for complete stuff along with background info on each there is always my homepage hoping to come with a decent post today also
Posted by gayathri eswar on 11:19 AM

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Monday, September 06, 2004

The waves & the rocks

The waves come, some gentle , some with a roar
Full of life, hope and cheer, towards the shore
But the hard rocks stands, on their way
and in a second, they splash and become mere spray
And they withdraw meekly, back to the bay
Can i learn a lesson from that today?

But the waves dont give up, do they?
And years later, as sand, the rocks lay.
Oh the waves seem to have won their way.
Consistent efforts, do seem to pay
The immediate results - don't always count
Let the adversary's strength, not intimidate you,
Losing the battle need not mean, losing the war
Never ever give up, they seem to say
PS :Thanks for reading this blog and hope you have a wonderful day,
And SweetNothings, think you missed the last para yesterday
Posted by gayathri eswar on 06:29 PM

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Thursday, September 16, 2004
The Census A must read article on Census from
Posted by gayathri eswar on 06:58 PM

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